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Another stick to beat smokers with

If smokers don’t feel guilty enough polluting the air in parks and streets, as they smoke outdoors where other people drop like flies from obnoxious diseases all around them because of it, here is a new thing in the offing to make them feel absolutely worse!

This is from Surfer Today…are you ready? (my bold at the end) Continue reading


Phew! I can breathe again – happy day!

What a pooofarb getting to this day.

What with one thing and another – I thought it would never come.

Hey – wake up everyone – TODAY is the day! Continue reading

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How you know you are getting old

The Furlongs who live in this house flat, are aware we are getting old.

Do we feel old? Not mostly.

We FEEL the same as we have always done – just like “us”.  Continue reading

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One of the Furlong daughters is into kites.

Kites are nothing like the tatty kind with paper tails and sticky tape that we flew as poor people when I was a kid. Kites, nowadays are technologically marvellous – and expensive! Continue reading


You make me feel so young

Oh, last night, we watched BBC 4  – The Chuck Berry concert of 1972.

I’ve always loved his music. You don’t get music like it anymore.



It makes you feel SO young!

1. Roll Over Beethoven (00:00 – 3:48) 2. Sweet Little Sixteen (4:09 – 6:30) 3. Memphis Tennessee (7:09 – 11:32) 4. South Of The Border (12:42 – 14:29) 5. Beer Drinking Woman (14:45 – 19:13) 6. Let It Rock (19:14 – 23:45) 7. The Blues (24:50 – 31:53) 8. Carol (32:22 – 35:53) 9. Rock And Roll Music (36:26 – 38:07) 10. Nadine (38:15 – 39:49) 11. Ding-a-ling (44:26 – 50:32) 12. Something (50:52 – 53:40) 13. Johnny B Goode (50:40 – 58:40)


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Calling a spade a spade – lone crazy? No!

I am waiting to see how the Westminster terrorist is going to be re-labelled a “lone crazy”. It is not politically correct to infer lone crazies have anything to do with Islam. Continue reading


Salute to my mother

My mother has been dead since 2002. She was an amazing woman.

She was a history lecturer. She was a wonderful lecturer. I used to go to her lectures just for fun. Everything was “humanised” in her writings and talks. She wrote books too. Other people thought she was amazing – not just her family. She was famous really. Continue reading


Resuscitation by Cauliflower Cheese

Oh what a horrible day it was yesterday. Mr Furlong says it was a “gratitude” day.

Well, I don’t know about that. Continue reading


The Banting Pocket Guide

I’m going to buy a book,

A BOOK! Continue reading


The strange tail of women’s sanitary wear

This post has developed as a result of comments on a post I published a few days ago. It is about the history of women’s sanitary wear and how we are now in a new trend.

I know someone who makes sanitary pads for modern women at home. She is paid by the pad. The pads are sent all over the world by her employer. The interesting fact is that this sanitary wear harks back to the past – the long past, when women washed their pads during menstruation.  Thousands of women are doing it again for all sorts of reasons. Continue reading