The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Party aftermath

Mr Furlong provided a sumptuous 70th birthday party for me on Sunday. And all the Furlongs arrived to celebrate with us. Continue reading

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Crop circles 2014 – a message to the aliens

The Crop Circles in 2014 seem to be almost as disappointing  as 2013. The standard has dropped! Continue reading


Mystical creation

Here is a fragment I wrote once when my life was a mess… Continue reading


Spiritual Cup Cakes

Recipe for Spiritual Cup Cakes Continue reading


Its my birthday tomorrow

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am turning 70. I am not taking it well. I do not want to be 70. Continue reading


Good and evil, yin and yang, light and dark

There is so much hate in the world, that one would assume hate is the ruling emotion currently. Continue reading

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Humans with no names

In the current world, we are numbers – Science makes us numbers, statistics, targets. In Public Health, we are COSTS. Continue reading


Wakefield again – MMR revived

I was always interested in the Wakefield affair. In fact, as medicine progresses¬† we find many things that ten years ago might have been thrown out ARE true. In my own life I have met parents that are adamant MMR vaccinations caused their children’s autism Continue reading

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The Furlong bees and hornets

When I was a child in Africa, I suppose about ten years old, I had a terrible experience¬† by accidentally shoving my foot into a hornets’ nest and loosening the whole swarm around my legs. Continue reading


The rise of depression

I had an interesting discussion with the youngest Furlong daughter recently. She is pursuing her career in Mental Health Research. We talked about depression. Depression is on a huge increase amongst people. Why? Continue reading