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Relying on God

The basic need in life – the Internet

Last time we came to France, there was internet in our apartment. But now there is none as apart from us, no one is going to use, or has used the flat more or less the whole year, It’s not worth it to pay thirty to forty Euros every month for something that no one is using. Continue reading

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Bloody Windows update!

I hate Windows updates! There is always something awkward done to MY settings when it’s done. Continue reading


My best conspiracy theory today

This Furlong enjoys conspiracy theories.

Today, I am favouring the idea that mainstream newspapers are being controlled by “the elite”. Continue reading

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How you know you are getting old

The Furlongs who live in this house flat, are aware we are getting old.

Do we feel old? Not mostly.

We FEEL the same as we have always done – just like “us”.  Continue reading

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One of the Furlong daughters is into kites.

Kites are nothing like the tatty kind with paper tails and sticky tape that we flew as poor people when I was a kid. Kites, nowadays are technologically marvellous – and expensive! Continue reading


Resuscitation by Cauliflower Cheese

Oh what a horrible day it was yesterday. Mr Furlong says it was a “gratitude” day.

Well, I don’t know about that. Continue reading


Amazon insanity

Really, Amazon takes the cake! Having recently purchased really boring stuff and fun stuff from Amazon, The Furlongs are getting emails from Amazon imploring us to buy from them. Continue reading