The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Have you heard of Hagfish?

I accidentally came upon this report about an apocalypse of Hagfish – Continue reading


I am not a catholic, but hell, this is good

I have just read this article of a speech by Bishop Barron.

I don’t know who Bishop Barron is, but hell, every paragraph seemed to deal with such obvious defects in our modern society, I thought he really hits the nail on the head! Continue reading

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Post modern architecture – Grenville Towers

This video inspired me – it’s Paul Joseph Watson with a difference.

He talks about some dreadful architecture – a mechanism to control society. Continue reading

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Oh such fun

A friend sent this to me – The Nostalgia Machine

Just dial in your year, see all the numbers you forgot, hit + and its added to your playlist – magic. Sit back and remember….. Continue reading

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Google theft

As a big user of Google, and an online shopper, I have always known that the adverts at the top of my shopping search are the ones paid for to Google.

What the hell is wrong with that? Continue reading

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Islam via “find”

I inherited a Quran from my grandmother when I was young. I read it. I was astonished that parts of it were not too different from The Bible with “Bible Stories” and Jesus mentioned. Continue reading

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Boom! Love the enthusiasm for this new invention

Someone who always lifts my mood isĀ Taras Kul

I think he’s a real hoot. Continue reading