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A meditation on curiosity

I found this inspirational video animated by one man and his wife. Somehow, I was impelled by the beautiful graphics to watch it to the end. It’s a story about how curiosity drives us.

Curiosity must be one of life’s amazing gifts! There’s always an adventure awaiting the curious, yes? Continue reading


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Fashion at the Grammy Awards 2018 – today’s meditation

Here is today’s meditation…. Continue reading

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Trouble in Bethlehem

There was trouble in Bethlehem when a sheep suddenly kidnapped Baby Jesus and Joseph and a Shepherd had to use some force on the kidnapper…. Continue reading

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In a minor key

Mr Furlong and I have not heard a single carol this year!

So I’m making up for it with this video of carols beautifully sung by Chase Holfelder¬†in a minor key. Enjoy

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A partridge in a shoplifting vest

Our daughter drew our attention today to the shoplifting that goes on in Africa. She sent intriguing videos of the skill on Whatsapp. I can’t find a way to put them here. So I had to resort to YouTube for this post. Continue reading


Christmas fayre

This Furlong is going to try a new diet after she has finished Christmas.  We have such delicious fayre in our cupboards РPorkies, Top Iced Christmas Cake, Hams, Roasts, Fruits, Meringues that DESERVE my attention. It would be such a waste of money and attention to toss it all out. Continue reading


For your education

I have been feeling emotionally and physically very wobbly today. It is fright. Continue reading