The Last Furlong

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I won’t do it!

There are some things about the Internet I simply refuse to do.

I won’t listen to any video with an automated voice. This is a ghastly example. Continue reading


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Your morning coffee

Let me cheer myself up, with a delicious cup of coffee.

This is very clever and – artistic? Yes! Continue reading


Something very strange about Vegas

“Multiple shooters one at gate 7 and one on level 29 and one on level 32 at Mandalay Bay”

“Shots coming from the middle of the building”

TWO shooting locations confirmed – Ali Baba is the other – about 47 minutes in.

From original police broadcast. Link.

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Parliamentary passion

Yesterday this video was passed around of the Ugandan Parliament violence. Don’t think it only happens there – the video that follows it shows that Parliamentarians are no better than us ordinary folk. A good punch up has been our thing for many thousands of years.

Evolution? Yes!

We now do it in suits! Continue reading


It’s my birthday

It’s my birthday today.

I have no time to actually enjoy my birthday. My mailbox is full, Whatsapp is full, Twitter is full, Facebook is full, Jaquie Lawson Cards is working overtime and I’m exhausted.

I didn’t know I knew so MANY people!

Some of them really do love me.

That’s nice.

Image result for Pulsing heart  gif image



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The thlot plickens

I mentioned Chloe Ayling in ┬ápost in August. There was something ‘funny’ about her kidnap, but, with everyone else who was prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt, I did too.

I still think there was something ‘funny’. Continue reading


Ho Hum, the news is fun

This morning I learned that a post menopausal woman had a baby Link Continue reading