The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.


Don’t blog about yourself -evidently

I read a blog about blogging. It contained tips for bloggers. I think there were several ‘rules’. I cant remember them actually and I have no link for those who want to know them: there are many, many blogs ‘out there’ on how to be a good blogger. Continue reading


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Old fool

We have ad blockers on our computer browsers, so, yesterday, when a three question Chrome opinion survey came up suddenly on my computer, I took it. Continue reading


Do you know the answer? It’s not anywhere I can find…

If you bomb a chemical weapon facility as England France and the USA have just done, what happens to the chemicals in the weapons?

Do they simply evaporate safely, blown to dust, never to be seen again?


Do they rise into the air and settle back down as a toxic compound in a vast radius around the bombing?

What happens to the chemicals in the weapons, once the weapons and chemical producing facility has been blown up? Answers welcomed!




Chicken Likken – cluck cluck cluck

In the olden days, clucking took much longer to spread around the world. But, with modern technology – it’s pretty speedy. We see it here in the UK. A person says some inconsequential thing, and in a flash, it is transformed into a career crashing faux pas. Or they produce an idea – that becomes a buzzword…. Continue reading

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If you are unhappy with your life, get a Second Life you can be unhappy with too

Many years ago, several computers previously, and when it was just launched, I had a Second Life account. Continue reading

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It’s better to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand nowadays. Continue reading


Letters in a bottle

When I was teaching in the 1980’s. my class wrote letters which were placed in a bottle. Continue reading