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Nice – in the rain

We arrived in Nice on a leaden day and it was raining!  That was disappointing I thought. We can get that at home here in the Dales. Continue reading

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Nice – warning for the weary

We landed and took off from Nice. Currently, Nice roads are complete chaos. If you have updated your European  Maps on your satnav, don’t expect them to know anything about the roads in Nice. Continue reading


Fayence Var – The market

Oh, there have been wonderful things to see and places to visit, here, where we were, in France. I have especially liked the Perched Villages. They are a bugger on the knees. Continue reading


Christel Leleu-Ferro – Tourrettes Var

We found this artist – Christel – in her Atelier in Tourrettes Var. In our broken French – well OK – non-existent French – we had a jolly good conversation about art and her art.

Her Studio is called Figures Vives – mmm, how do you say? – Living Figures? And her work moves with vitality. Christel, herself, is vibrant and enthusiastic and so, for us, we could see her personality appear in her art. It’s vigorous! Continue reading

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Claudia Wypych – Tourrettes Var

There is wonderful art in Tourrettes Var. The whole town is an art exhibition.

The Furlong French is negligible, yet we have managed excellent conversations. Claudia Wypych has a studio in Tourrettes Var and in the window is the most stunning Scarab. That was what drew us in to her studio/atelier.  Continue reading

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Art -Tourrettes

We visited Tourettes (Var) yesterday. It’s an Artist Town. There are works of art all around it and fascinating studios to visit.

And like all the perched villages we are seeing – it’s ancient, picturesque and STEEP. My poor knees are suffering. Continue reading

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Scarlet fever

I know us Furlongs are in France, but there has been a case of Scarlet Fever at our grand daughter’s school. We might be away – but there IS Skype. 🙂

This is the time Scarlet Fever goes around evidently. Before we left the UK I saw it being mentioned on the BBC warning parents to be vigilant. Continue reading

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Now tell me how this EVER evolved!

I dunno. The Furlongs are flummoxed.

We have been discussing how this apparatus ever evolved.  Continue reading


Flipping frightening

The Furlongs are in France.

I’ve had no time to blog. We’ve been busy having melt downs!

GETTING here was a nightmare.  Continue reading


Erratic blogging

I’m not keeping up – there might be an erratic blog pattern till the month end.

The Furlongs are going on holiday.

To Provence.

In France.

The French Riviera.

Fancy hey?

Wow – how fun is that?