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Facepalm Facebook – DELETE

These old Furlongs deactivated their Facebook Accounts. But we STILL get notifications constantly, even though we “unsubscribe”. I had two accounts – a personal one and one under another name for promoting vaping. And another for work when I taught hearing impaired computer students how to set up a Facebook account. I don’t know whether that one is still floating around on the ethers…. Continue reading

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Fun post replaced a dreary old people post

I was going to post a few thoughts I had on what role old people had to play in the world – like ‘wisdom’. ‘experience’, ‘stability’ etc. Old people are not cherished as they once were.

But Continue reading


Oh hey! Guinea pigs for Harvest Mites

If you follow this blog, you will know I am battling Harvest Mites. My recent blog post had a quote from an American paper in it that suggested other remedies than mine to get rid of the mite and calm the itch. Continue reading


Do you have a Smart Meter? Well don’t.

I recently did a blog on Smart Meters on ‘ Life on an Alien Planet’, my serious blog. Blog Continue reading

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A note to old people

I went on a bus trip this morning to a town half an hour away.  Continue reading


Harvest mite itch solutions

I had a terrible night. HARVEST MITES – once more. The itch is maddening! I spent an hour in the wee small hours researching again. I know a lot about Harvest Mites. I have been researching them for twenty years at this time of the year. Continue reading

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Post-Modern Maths

We are being plagued by Post Modernism. New Feminism, Gender Politics, Race Politics and more are a part of this movement. So now our cultural landscape is littered with victims of all kinds. Being a victim of something is the new IN. Its essential, actually. Stoicism, patience, endurance, or real education in the ‘old’ culture is OUT.  That’s considered just studying stuff imposed on humanity by white males. Continue reading

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Where does the MONEY go?

Google has been fined – again. Continue reading


This land is mine – a serious meditation for today

I hope you enjoy this mediation as much as I did.

Very clever indeed – and true! Continue reading

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Harvest Mites – bite help without bullshit

At this time – July to the middle of August, I am bitten by Harvest Mites. I have been bitten for twenty years. I’m an expert.

Here is some REAL help without bullshit for those people looking up Harvest Mite bites on the internet.

Continue reading