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Much ado about something making money for someone

This is the Day of the Dead, All Hallows, and Samhain commercialised. Doesn’t belong in the UK. Makes me steam!

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Happy Halloween anyway…….

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No Halloween, but we’ve got Friday the 13th instead…

I believe in the old days, like the Second World War, the leaders consulted weather experts, phases of the moon, astrological predictions and even psychics before large events like invasions. They chose auspicious dates. Even the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month seemed thoughtful.

Currently everyone in public is virtue signalling with red poppies significantly displayed, getting ready for Armistice Day.

But phases of the moon affecting thought, or astrological and psychic predictions have been tossed out in the modern culture of scientism. And weather predictions are about as reliable as they were in the War.

Instead, Brexit was planned for Halloween, and the election results will be out on Friday 13th of December….

Without any astrological knowledge, or psychic abilities, I can see there is something weirdly off about choosing those dates.

Furthermore, the Full Moon for December 2019 rises on the 12th!

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Our internet connection crashed at two o’clock last Friday. Our provider said BT (British Telecommunications) was working on the line. It would probably come right at knock off time, they suggested.

Well, it didn’t.

So they raised a fault,

The git that disconnected us on Friday, must have remembered on Monday morning when he came back to work, for at exactly 8:09 this morning, he reconnected us again.

When I reported this to our provider, they laughed and said “Yes, that happens – more than you know!”

Well, we didn’t find it funny.

I hope they cancelled the fault request…..

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Internet retrograde

No posts. No Internet.

Line fault.


Maybe Monday,

Tuesday, or Wednesday….

British Telecoms only works on weekdays.

That’s what we’re told.

Till then,

Stay well!

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A turn up – WordPress, Food, and Bones

Yesterday my WordPress stats were -0. Today, I find I have recovered! People have read yesterday’s post, and other posts. These people are living in Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, UK, and parts of Europe. That’s amazing. So, that’s a turn up for the books.

Last month, I went on a Carnivore diet which means eating only animals – dead of course. It had a miraculous effect on my blood sugar levels which dropped to normal overnight. But, by the month end, my meals seemed monotomous and I craved fruit. I figured that my stone age ancestors must have also eaten berries, leaves, and other stuff they found around them. So I’m back to being omnivorous. Seems more natural to me. My blood sugar is not normal anymore, but still acceptable. Thats amazing. It’s a turn up for the books.

I’m keen on exercising – in small amounts. The smaller the amount, the better. I’ve found BFR straps. Blood flow resistence is a sort of miraculous thing used for old people and muscle-building geeks and bed bound/wheelchair bound/injured people….frail people….People like me, with a sore butt from falling on the bus nearly two weeks ago…It helps with osteoporosis too.

In Japan it’s called Kaatsu. Their equipment is expensive. But in western countries Blood Flow Resistance bands are cheap, easy to wear, and are used for rehabilitation. I bought some. I think they are great. That’s a turn up for the books!

Here is a Kaatsu video of a woman excercising at 104…


What the hell has happened to WordPress?

I was going to write about something else, until I got side tracked by the new WordPress format.

I don’t know what the hell is going on! My last blog post allowed me to set no categories. Nor tags. I hate those anyway. What use are they?

Yesterday I made a comment on someone else’s blog,

It was to one of the most popular bloggers on WordPress, with thousands and thousands of followers. Someone replied to my comment. But I was not notified. That site now shows as having 137 (or roundabout) followers. WordPress showed me the stats without my asking.

Recently, I got some kind of notification from WordPress which I didn’t read. I just deleted it. I’m sick of getting notifications from God knows whom and from God knows where. If I’ve signed up for something I just expect it to work!

So something must have changed on WordPress. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

I never look at stats. I write for me, for my own discipline and to keep my grey matter functioning. But today I have looked at my stats.

I have been trying to write a post a day. I reckon a post a day keeps dementia away. But I missed yesterday. I do have followers, some.

But this morning I checked how many readers read my posts today.

I know it’s early, but it might be my brain. Today my reader count was -0.


Minus 0.

I looked -0 up on Google. It had nothing to say. I looked up “minus zero” on Google. In programming, it means…..

Basically negative zero means underflow.There’s very little practical use for negative zero if any…

I’m hoping -0 will have improved by tonight!

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My boot on the glutes

I fell on the bus a week ago.

It’s been a difficult week.

Here is the problem….it’s my glutes, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

The problem is the pain in one of them – or all.

My glutes have always been the flat kind, not round and sexy, just always flat and boring. In fact, they’ve always been so flat and boring, I never knew I had any.

But I have!

Not one, not two, but three. It’s a pain in the arse.


Entangled in the dark arts

The UK parliament seemed full of loonies on the day of doom yesterday when Boris wanted the vote on his “deal”.

The demonstration outside it seemed mainly comprised of flushed excited children waving flags and wands.

The press don’t know where to hedge their bets so wiffle on endlessly whilst wobbling on the fence.

The people, that’s you and me, don’t know what the hell is going on. Well, maybe you know, but I don’t.

So in this time of complete craziness where even Nigel Farage is behaving like a numpty, I decided to resort to the dark arts.

I’ve checked psychic predictions. Not helpful. No one is getting the right “vibes”.

So I’ve resorted to consulting the stars. No luck there!

But this might indicate the cause of the chaos.

Though the final few days of this month and first week of November are bedevilled by disruptive Scorpio New Moon opposition Uranus, a major setback, accident-prone Mars square Saturn followed by a high-risk, exceptionally aggravated few days running into Mars square Pluto on November 5 – and a retrograde Mercury from October 31st to November 20th.


I didn’t think Halloween for Brexit was a good date…But what the heck do I know?

Not much more than anyone else – obviously!

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It was suggested three years ago. And voted on. We all voted “yes”.

But we couldn’t get a deal. No one seemed to have time, commit, be prepared to do the job.

But some weeks ago, it started for real. Only on sunny days.

It’s taken weeks.

Tomorrow it’s OVER and we have to pay the bill.

No, it’s not Brexit.

It’s us, the owners of these four flats we live in.

We had our soffitts, facia boards, gutters and downpipes painted.

And it’s a damn good job.

We are very pleased.

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Fairy stories for humans

We live in an age of fairy stories. Mostly, they are versions of “Chicken Likken”


characters called Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Ducky Daddles, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey, Goosey Poosey, Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey


all run about squawking and spreading fear.

It’s all the same stuff. “The sky will fall after Brexit” “The sky will fall if we don’t get Brexit” “The sky will fall according to Extinction Rebellion” “The sky will fall if you breathe one molecule of second hand smoke” “Trump is making the sky fall” “The sky will fall if you eat bacon or fat or sugar” “Boris Johnson is making the sky fall” “The sky will fall…..” “The sky will fall…..”

Many of the real fairy tales have different endings, so people can choose which one they want. I like the one where the silly hysterical creatures are ALL eaten by the Fox!