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For parents and grandparents.

This is an Australian video – a spoof on the TV stories that used to be read to children on National Television – from the parent perspective. It is NOT for children, it’s about children.  Continue reading

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There’s violence, then there’s violence, then violence.

I complain about Mr Furlong watching violenceporn on TV.

What do I actually mean, since I like movies with some kind of violence in them too?

  1. So – there’s violence – what I call NOBLE VIOLENCE. This is when the hero overcomes the enemy and good is restored to the world.
  2. then there’s violence – what I call ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE. This is always SO extreme as to become funny because it’s choreographed like a dance. All hell breaks loose – everyone gets shot, stabbed, killed, and order returns when all the windows, furniture, cars, whatever have been destroyed.
  3. then violence – the one I don’t like – is what I call VIOLENCEPORN – is gratuitous violence. It is violence exaggerated to repulse. It often involves violence on women, torture, grotesque methods of death that go beyond the imagination. The scriptwriters have violated the minds of the viewers in presenting it. It’s viewer abuse. It entangles the mind over and above ‘the plot’. I think it can harm people.

Well, that is MY opinion. If I get the feeling I am being abused by the scriptwriter in either, ‘padding’ with verbiage/situations, or ‘padding’ with long scenes of gratuitous violence, I’m off!

I stick my earphones on, and watch something better on my own laptop in my comfy lounge chair, in my own world where I’m happy!


Our hot, sunny bank holiday

Our hot, sunny bank holiday was cloudy, cold, windy and now it’s raining. Continue reading



So many times have friends arrived at my door in a complete emotional mess because they just found out their husbands/partners are/were being unfaithful.

It just happened again, day before yesterday. Continue reading

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This world is such a fascinating place

This morning, I picked up a video off Reddit that intrigued me. I wandered down the puppet path, interested to find out who Barnaby Dixon was, who made it.

Well, turns out he’s British and? living at home with his parents, like so many young people today.  Continue reading

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No culture clash in this house

Mr Furlong and I get on really well – mostly.

We have a different taste in movies – Mr Furlong will sit through several hours watching the most hideous violence – ‘violenceporn’ I call it – with a beatific smile on his face, entranced! And most importantly, he does not go to sleep. But, the stuff I like – documentaries, philosophy, educational stuff – even my best offering to him from YouTube (which we can watch on our TV) causes him to slouch down in his sofa, asleep instantly. Continue reading

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Sperm – laughter, the best medicine

I have got myself into a real depression about my bloody sciatica – life.  Oops – I promised never to mention sciatica again.

I’m trying laughter which, being a sort of serious, droll, glum kind of person that I am, is a bit unusual. Laughter is supposed to be good medicine. Continue reading


The bad news about sciatica infection

Well, I’m going to shut up about sciatica soon.

It’s a horrible thing.

It has crippled me.

I’m worst in the morning,

Best at night.

I’d take an antibiotic if it would help.


The BAD news about Propionibacterium acnes, the little bugger that causes much more than acne, is that it has learned to be very antibiotic resistant.

I have asked a question about antibiotic resistance before – Pseudo science biology question

But have not found a satisfactory answer.

Here is everything you might want to know about Propionibacterium acnes.

Propionibacterium acnes



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Sciatica – the infection

I suggested day before yesterday that Sciatica might be an infection. I felt ‘infected’.

 How do ‘they’ know that sciatica is ‘muscular’?

Well, turns out that Sciatica MIGHT be an infection. Continue reading


The best medicine so far – Sciatica

I think my sciatica is improving.

Let me list the ways I’ve used to heal myself.

The best methods for me were:-

  1. Time – let time pass.
  2. Patience – to let time pass.
  3. Useful entertainment whilst waiting.
  4. Rest
  5. Sleep
  6. Sitting in a comfortable chair with feet up.
  7. Hot wheat-bag tucked into the pain site.
  8. Pillow under the knee at night for side-sleeping.
  9. Walk like a zombie bent double.
  10. Walk like a zombie looking for something on the floor.

Image result for zombie walk cartoon

The worst methods were

  1. Any exercise not performed in bed or a chair.
  2. Paracetamol
  3. Ibuprofen
  4. Strong Ibuprofen
  5. Paracetamol and codeine
  6. Strong Paracetamol and codeine
  7. Exercise as in ‘keep moving’
  8. Exercise as in ‘walk daily’
  9. House work
  10.  Exercise and housework.

The best medications/therapies were – 

  1. Urification with stinging nettles AT THE TOP.*(see below)
  2. Hanging in warm deep water in a Hydrotherapy pool.
  3. McTimoney Chiropractic.
  4. Ice packs/heat packs
  5. Altering my sitting position, place of sitting, posture.
  6. Wearing different shoes to alter posture whilst walking.

*On urtification – two/three days on, two/three days off, otherwise the body gets used to it. MY Urtication studies

Best exercises were –