The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Mystical – Teddy Bear Therapy

In the sound of our voices is the resonance of all we are, our fears, our hope, our joy, our sorrows. Our sound is unique. Our WORD – our creative power. The wise tell us that we need to be careful of the words we say, the thoughts we think because they are loaded with energy that might backlash on ourselves and that “as you think and speak, so you are.” Continue reading


Penis envy – no way!

Sigmund Freud announced that we girls have penis envy. What a thought! Penis envy – no way! Continue reading

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Mystical – On being a destroyer

We come into life being both healers and destroyers. If we consciously decide to be healers, then we need to have our destroying capabilities under our control. These are our thoughts, feelings and actions that are dark – our shadow selves – which we find to our shock and horror, still exist within us even though we are focused on peace and love. Continue reading

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Mystical – On being a healer

Hildegarde of Bingham’s concept that God arranged everything in consideration of everything else and our understanding of the interconnectedness of all things makes everything either a healer or destroyer. My part time job can be quite frenetic and so when my boss says “Oh, well done” in her quiet voice to me when I have managed to handle something well, she is my healer. Continue reading


Dear Sir

I found a letter to some editor, somewhere. I can’t remember now.  I must have written it in about 1999. But it STILL  applies!

Dear Sir,
Could you publish this letter? Continue reading


Spiritually getting synchronised

Sometimes in life we have periods where everything goes smoothly and we feel someone’s looking after us, some other organising hand is at work creating synchronisations and amazing coincidences that keep us gasping with amazement and delight. We are surfing in – what a thrill! At these times everything seems easy – meaningful. Continue reading


Prayers for students

I wrote these prayers for students going off to University Continue reading

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Bringing our treasure “home”

I grew up in a town strangely nicknamed “the last Outpost of the British Empire” because of its very Britishness. Continue reading

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Our finest hour

The fabric woven in the minds of my ancestors’ children living in South Africa was always about Britain and “home”. Continue reading


How Granny met Grandpa

Harry was my British grandpa who arrived in Capetown to fight the Boers, only to find the war had ended during his trip. He chose not to go home. Continue reading