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Morning Math

American presidential elections are a puzzlement to those not living there.

Something really strange happened to this one.

I personally have no doubt Trump won it.

Here’s a nice short video showing something undeniably odd.

2020 must be one of the strangest years in history.


De Press ing

I had a laugh yesterday.

Mr Trump, from the start of his office , has criticised the press. They lie, they publish fake news, they twist facts. Of course, the press have accused him of doing the same thing.

The press do not like Trump.

There is nothing like the press scorned!

Even though the Trump legal team have outlined the evidence of fraud they claim happened in the election, the press repeatedly call the claim ‘baseless’, giving no evidence as to why they think that. They have purposely imposed a black-out of news about Trump, so that us readers might begin to believe Trump is doing nothing rather than being busy trying to drain the swamp.

Or only playing golf.

But yesterday there was an amusing incident.

Trump tweeted to his followers, of which I am one, that he’d completed his scheduled meeting early, and that, now, he was going to play golf. Which he did.

In the UK, the TV announced that Trump was only playing golf, implying he was shirking on the golf course, while all the other world leaders were in conference.

Later, the same station reported what a swine Trump was for refusing to fall in line with the other world leaders at the conference. (Well, they didn’t use the word ‘swine’.) And they reported on things he said at it!

Which shows you what?

It showed me Trump was spot on all the time – The press lie, they  publish fake news, they twist facts.

I have enjoyed Trump. He made politics interesting. It is reported by those more knowledgeable than me, that he’s done some really good things for the USA; one of them being not to simply fall in line with world leader swamp dwellers.

There are constant ways we see that the press lie, publish fake news, and twist facts. They mould our thought by what they publish according to their agenda.

They induce strife, discord, violence, mayhem, make saints out of sinners and sinners out of saints. They are sensation feeders. And we believe them.

Ultimately, they are the power. Offend them, and you will be ruined.

It’s de press ing.


Election Special

I can’t sleep. It’s been so exciting!

I’ve been interested in politics since I was nine years old (about) when I watched police brutality happening next door through a peephole in our fence, and my Mother said “We can’t stop it. It’s the ‘Government’ “

It seemed to me then, the ‘Government’ must be a really terrible thing if it could do that to people. My opinion hasn’t changed. What governments do to people is the thing. The leader of a government seems immaterial. Government POLICY is the thing.

In the Furlong family we have political disagreement. I’m wrong it seems. I thought Trump should be allowed to finish another four years of Republicanism. But evidently, I didn’t know Trump was ‘evil incarnate’, a liar, a fake christian, full of cruelty and hatred, who had split the country apart. I just thought he was a badly behaved narcissist being a temporary leader of the Republican Party. I thought Republicans were Conservatives and the Democrats were Socialists.

In the USA, Democrats want a sort of Green New Deal, upping the minimum wage, universal basic income, free public colleges and universities, state supported abortion, Obamacare, taxation on the wealthy. It’s soft on immigration, keen on legislation, favours internet control, censorship. It’s “left” whatever that means nowdays. Kamala Harris is a hot shit leftie. She will be the first female acting president if Biden snuffs it.

The Republicans want lower taxes, free market capitalism, gun rights, restriction on abortions, deregulation in general, less laws, restrictions on labour unions, increased military spending. They oppose drug legalisation, want to eliminate government run welfare and promote personal responsibilty and traditional values. It favours Medicaid. Trump is the first President not to wage any war. He is rated the worst President ever. He probably is, but he’s been very entertaining.

Republicans have won 24 of the last 40 presidential elections. They couldn’t be so bad. As an old person, I think personal responsibility, the work ethic, entrepreneurial reward, meritocracy, traditional values, spirituality, true grit and the least amount of intrusion into our lives by legislation is a good thing.

So really, if I lived in the USA, I would have voted Trump. I favour free speech however daft. And I forsee all the politically correct nonsense getting really powerful under a woman acting president. Kamala Harris is the Democrats’ Trojan Horse!

You can’t trust young women in politics nowadays. Many modern women have gone soft in the head.

The Ides of March are upon us.

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We all know Jack Schitt

The news is going from bad to worse. Boris is misbehaving. He’s CLOSING pubs!!!! Trump is misbehaving. He got BETTER!!. Biden is misbehaving. He LIES! Masks are useless they say, or not, we don’t know. Students, robbed of their right to happiness are revolting. They are getting drunk and dancing in the street rebelliously. Some say they DESERVE to be joyful, they are young after all. Others say they are selfish. The Government is useless, evidently. The council is useless too. The NHS is useless, where once it was the jewel in our crown. People are going insane, or committing suicide. Everyone has lost control because there is too much control. The scientist know all, or they know Jack Schitt, depending on your view.


The Coronavirus is a hoax. The world is being taken over by Bill Gates who is going to microchip us all and make us his slaves. Or perform a massive cull. 5G is addling our brains. We have become sheep in the face of a massive worldwide attempt to assert control on the people, to remove our freedoms, to enslave us. David Icke and his band of merry protestors know the truth. They are protesting maskless and hugging one and all.

It doesn’t matter what you actually believe, this Covid thing is exposing a nasty flaw in the character of humans.

The flaw is that, in truth, we all know Jack Schitt and recognise his whole family in ourselves, but we won’t admit it!


The flag

I’ve got two Union Jack flags stored in the grandchildren’s toy box.

They are quite nice. And occasionally I put them at our gate as an indication to visitors that they have found the right house.

Should I fly them tomorrow or will I upset the neighbours?

I don’t know what they voted, but WE voted for Brexit. I am celebrating.


Distracted by History

My mother was an Historian. She always saw the big picture and had an excitement of living in History-in-the making.

Here, in the Furlong house, we are observing History-in-the making by watching the political antics on TV.

It all looks pretty cruddy to me.

I’m excited to be living through History-in-the-making


all I see of the bigger picture



The creatures in it look all the same to me. They’ve all got green slime slithering off them; pools of it as they rise from our screen for our consideration.

So which creature does one vote for?

And my mother is dead, dammit.


Entangled in the dark arts

The UK parliament seemed full of loonies on the day of doom yesterday when Boris wanted the vote on his “deal”.

The demonstration outside it seemed mainly comprised of flushed excited children waving flags and wands.

The press don’t know where to hedge their bets so wiffle on endlessly whilst wobbling on the fence.

The people, that’s you and me, don’t know what the hell is going on. Well, maybe you know, but I don’t.

So in this time of complete craziness where even Nigel Farage is behaving like a numpty, I decided to resort to the dark arts.

I’ve checked psychic predictions. Not helpful. No one is getting the right “vibes”.

So I’ve resorted to consulting the stars. No luck there!

But this might indicate the cause of the chaos.

Though the final few days of this month and first week of November are bedevilled by disruptive Scorpio New Moon opposition Uranus, a major setback, accident-prone Mars square Saturn followed by a high-risk, exceptionally aggravated few days running into Mars square Pluto on November 5 – and a retrograde Mercury from October 31st to November 20th.


I didn’t think Halloween for Brexit was a good date…But what the heck do I know?

Not much more than anyone else – obviously!

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Fairy stories for humans

We live in an age of fairy stories. Mostly, they are versions of “Chicken Likken”


characters called Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Ducky Daddles, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey, Goosey Poosey, Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey


all run about squawking and spreading fear.

It’s all the same stuff. “The sky will fall after Brexit” “The sky will fall if we don’t get Brexit” “The sky will fall according to Extinction Rebellion” “The sky will fall if you breathe one molecule of second hand smoke” “Trump is making the sky fall” “The sky will fall if you eat bacon or fat or sugar” “Boris Johnson is making the sky fall” “The sky will fall…..” “The sky will fall…..”

Many of the real fairy tales have different endings, so people can choose which one they want. I like the one where the silly hysterical creatures are ALL eaten by the Fox!


Wow, I saw an endangered species..

While on my walk yesterday along the canal path, I came apon an endangered species.

Or rather, they came apon me.

I’ve seen one or two of these creatures before, but never out on the streets. Or rather, in this case, the canal path.

I got a bit jumpy. For several days now, I’ve been picking blackberries. I hate to see good food go to waste. A doggie bag is an excellent blackberry picking receptical. So I was pretty packed with berries.

Anyway, I saw these creatures bearing down on me, and I hoped that the new stop and search regulations hadn’t arrived in our town yet. I don’t know if here, in the UK, you are allowed to help yourself to blackberries. Here, there are VERY strange laws, like picking wild flowers is illegal.

However, these two policewomen, all smart and official in their snappy uniforms and hats, and reflective yellow jackets, passed me calling out ” Good morning, everything all right here?”

Can you believe that?

I almost collapsed into the blackberries in my shock, and utter amazement.

These creatures actually exist, it’s only that we never see them here.


Extinction and other rebellions

Oh, what strange goings on are happening in society. Rebellion is everywhere.

In the UK here we have Extinction Rebellion. They are the crowd with the dreadful Thurnberg marching ahead, carrying her banner of green insanity, groomed by Communists in a revolution of children and young people without wisdom.

We have the Remainer Rebellion which is by hook or by crook, fair or foul, stopping legitimate politics in our once democratic country.

We have a new political party formed, The Brexit Party, rebelling, not only against the Remainer Rebellion, but constructing a whole new way of running political parties.

Here in my country, polls tell us, people are now sick of LBTQ (insert alphabet here) pushing their causes and are rebelling against the political correctness of it. Some of our schools are rebelling against the inclusivity teachings in schools. Schools have had to be closed.

There are rumours of huge disgruntlement in the population about cutbacks to services and the invisibility of our police force, the ineptitude of The National Health Service and Social Services. They are on the point of rebelling.

If you read the papers, or follow the news, we have doomsday arriving on all fronts.

Oh and then there’s Trump and Bo Jo (Boris Johnson). They are going to bring on the apocalypse.

Of all the current rebellions, the foment of Extinction Rebellion is the most terrifying. Imagine a zero carbon emissions world! That would be the downfall of the Western world, a political agenda desired by every totalitarian leader in History.

Extinction Rebellion make all the other rebellions, even those of the distant Historical past, seem quite, quite sane!

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