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Quacking, squawking and yelling

Oh – what a babble of quacking, squawking and yelling that “the sky is falling down” by all our politicians and main stream media in the UK – it makes one sick! Continue reading

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Today’s lesson on religion that I enjoyed – Spong

This Furlong, is not a Christian. But my sister and I, of all the Furlongs in the Furlong family, were brought up as Christians. I went to a Catholic School. We know more about “being christian” than the Furlong children who were brought up in a secular family – aka – heathens! Continue reading

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The Eurovision Shouting Contest

What the hell is wrong with music nowadays!

No subtle chords, transitions, instruments or arrangements.

Or haunting refrains.

No music required.

Notes required – about three.

Inspiration required – none.

Continue reading

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Erasing the stars in the universe

These old Furlongs have just watched a TV program about germs! Image result for germ cartoon

It was teaching us that we are filthy! Our hands are full of bacteria, our light switches, kettles, door handles, walls, beds and towels are infested with them. Continue reading

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Laws concerning dog walking and me (and you) UK

In this new place we  have moved to, a town, not a village – a biggish town – I have had my first bit of real unpleasantness since we moved to the UK almost 20 years ago.

I feel emotionally bruised – I don’t do verbal abuse, and usually, in any situation, some agreement can be reached. Continue reading


Control of Dogs

Today, I complained that a Guide Dog was not recalled by the owner’s seeing carer. I am disappointed that when I said the Furlong dog was an animal cruelty dog, fearful of other dogs and prone to FIGHT, she proclaimed “That’s YOUR problem”. But had she recalled her dog, the problem would not exist. The problem is not the loose, bouncy, frightening Alsatian running up to you, the problem is that it’s frightening to other people, and the owner is without any consideration to anyone else. Continue reading

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Oh irritating day!

This day can only get better. Continue reading

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Death by adoration

The Furlong oldies in this house have always enjoyed the voice and skill of Amy Winehouse.

We’ve just watched her story on TV, made up of real footage. It was most moving.

She just wanted to sing in small jazz-clubs – but she was made a star. A profitable star. And the press never left her alone. They knew she was the celebrity-news people craved because people loved her.

“If I could make it all go away, so I could walk the street again, I would”

She was killed by adoration, I think.

Here’s Amy working….

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Trump – “Oh you are going to be so happy.”

What glamour!

At the balls.

Beautiful women, stunning clothes – fairytale, actually.  Continue reading

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Hate day, or Hope day

And so we come to THE day! The inauguration day of Donald Trump. Continue reading