The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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I loved the Bermuda Triangle mystery

I have never seen this movie before –

Charles Berlitz’s The Bermuda Triangle (1979) Full Movie

I have read a lot about The Bermuda Triangle and I have Berlitz’s book which thrilled me.  My mother had a very strange experience in the Bermuda Triangle in 1946 in a plane, when she was in America.

But this movie is SO 1970’s and it’s just a scary as I like it! Continue reading



Laugh for today

I’m not well – no posts – sorry. But I thought someone else might enjoy this. It made ME laugh which is a miracle!

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Not saying names – but here is an interesting link sent to me about those people who can’t be named

Everything you want to know about those people we can’t name is here! 

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Here is the article with the dud link about the people who must not be named

Here is the article with the dud link about the people who must not be named. I thought I’d put it here, because it is likely to disappear again. I found it interesting because it also brings up some thoughts on purchasing children through various methods, something that has always made me feel uncomfortable, as do “open” marriages. . But then, I’m old fashioned. And my head spins with discussion about whether you are a boy or a girl, even though nature has told you what you are by the “bits” you are born with! This is an “old fashioned” article.  Continue reading


The story about the dud link to those who could not be named

I have blogged about the two UK celebrities that cannot be named. I gave a link to an excellent article, which was removed from the origination site.

Here is their story of what has happened –  Continue reading

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The article about those who cannot be named

This article appears and disappears. My link to it on my post seems to lead to where it has been taken down.

So here is another –

The air-brushed portrait of a perfect marriage

It’s worth reading if you can get it….. Continue reading


Remember those people who cannot be named? This is about them…

I wrote some posts on those celebrities who cannot be named in England and Wales.

The law is an ass

Money is power – celebrity power

Continue reading