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The dentist can sit while YOU suffer?

I went to the dentist.

He virtually turned the chair upside down – well I was upside down! I said “I hate this. I’m not going to lie like this! I want to sit up please”

So he rolled me up. “Why do you do that? I’m virtually upside down! I can’t breathe like that and I can’t swallow properly either! Last time I was put in that position I vowed it would never happen again.” Continue reading


Its my birthday today – gratitude enfolds me

I am Seventy Two today!

I have been SO blessed in my life.

Let me count the ways…. Continue reading

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Altzheimer’s in dogs – did you know?

I asked Mr Furlong on our walk today, if dogs got Alzheimer’s. He didn’t know, but evidently they do – Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. it’s called, but it’s the same thing,  Continue reading

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Baking Soda/Bi-Carb – did you know?

I like home remedies. I avoid doctor’s medication like the plague, except in urgent situations like serious illness – and I’ve had a few in my life. Now I take nothing – no pills – except an occasional Vit C.

I seem to be a healthy – mostly. Continue reading

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People with higher cholesterol live longer so why take statins?

I’ve just had my Hba1c test at the doctors. It’s coming up for my annual birthday review. Everything about me now, is exactly the same as it was a year ago!

My cholesterol has remained the same since 2002 when I first was “offered” statins. Thank god I said I’d rather go on smoking instead! Continue reading

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My “National Treasure” review

My goodness – we are entertained on Tuesday night with “National Treasure”. Did you watch the first episode?

Mr Furlong enjoyed it. But I dunno…..

Continue reading

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The Wood-Wide-Web. Make your day!

Oh this article is worth reading – every word of it!  It’s about how plants communicate.

The Furlong garden, that we had in our last house, “communicated” with all the plants in it I’m sure! Its message was joy and delight in itself. The plants grew huge and various, wherever they decided to. We did not have an orderly, manicured “human” space. I just controlled the bully plants. Continue reading

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Do NOT bother to watch this – Feminism in action

As a woman who never had to burn my bra in the old women’s lib days, because I’m arrogant enough to KNOW I’m just as good as any man doing most things – and also because of the fact that I like my bras for being comfortable, supportive and logical additions to my wardrobe, (wow, long sentence!) I was an active woman’s libber in every way that was sane. The result of our actions, and those of our ancestors, has brought an (almost) equality of men and women into the main European Countries.  Yet I find I’m really, really anti Feminist!  Continue reading


Millions of unsold cars – did you know this?

Fancy just manufacturing, manufacturing and manufacturing something even though there is too much of it in the world? What kind of sanity lies behind stockpiling millions of unsold cars?  Continue reading


Hillary faint? My foot!

I’m one of those people – the “silly” people who believe that Hillary Clinton’s crowd are HIDING serious health issues she has. Continue reading