The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Click on the pic – print out – put on fridge – ignore

Click on the picture – print out – put on fridge – ignore

Be happy! Life kills. Continue reading

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Show us the science please

I found it interesting that in the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s list of The 116 things that can give you cancer – the full list Smoking and Second Hand Smoke took up more words than anything else.  Continue reading

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It must be something I’m eating

There are some things we have been lied to about. The very cruel treatment of smokers by Public Health on the back of very dodgy science is one. The myth of  cholesterol causing heart attacks and the Statin use to “lower cholesterol”  is another. The low-fat promotion by Public Health has caused harm to society. And now Continue reading

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Wonder how this experiment is going

The kinds of soft drinks kids drink nowadays would make an old timer’s hair stand on end. In our day, we mixed horribly synthetic concentrated orange squash with water and sugar to make “Orange Squash” or “Lemon”.  It was ghastly, really, but we could cut down on the sugar and taste by diluting it more. It seemed quite rustic compared with what’s in drinks today. It was for thirst quenching. Continue reading


Give up red meat? You must be joking. Here’s why we should take WHO’s warning with a pinch of salt | City A.M.

The news that the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has placed ham and bacon in the same category as plutonium Continue reading

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Who is the boss – misogyny – the F word

I think the Furlong marriage must be one of the most old-fashioned type. I don’t expect Mr Furlong to go out and have affairs – that’s not an option in our relationship for me. I think I would hurt him unrepairably if I did the same. Our relationship would be over. Finished. Kaput. Over-cadover. Continue reading

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No discipline – future shit

I really don’t approve of how children are fawned on in these modern times. The strangest paradox is that we live in such repressed times in some ways, 1984 looks reasonably tame. Yet there is no discipline when it comes to children How are they going to live in such a regulated, legislated, politically correct world? Continue reading

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Cats (of New York)

Think these cats only live in New York? No – we’ve got them in the UK too! Continue reading


When I was young, this was called food

Today I watched TV where they were talking about the Government regulations that all food outlets must list allergens on their foods. There are fourteen main allergens.

The rise of this strange new condition called “allergic to” seems really serious – and utterly foreign. Food is not food any more. Its become our enemy..

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Whatever Happened To Sex –

Whatever Happened To Sex Continue reading