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“His Excellency President Robert Mugabe” MY FOOT!

There IS sanity!

Everyone, everywhere – and I was one of thousands of voices uplifted in horror – have brought sanity back!  Continue reading



A different place, a different time

These old Furlongs grew up and lived, loved, and worked in a different place, at a different time.

I write several blogs because

But today, I will write, here, about why the old Furlongs are made of different stuff.

We are not ‘victims’ – never have been. We grew up in Africa, where there are REAL victims.

We experienced real stuff. Ugly stuff. Our ideas about life are different from most other people’s.

In the UK, people have it really good, whatever their colour, religion, gender, political leanings. OK, some things could and should be improved, but compared to real stuff in other countries – life is good here.

The west is going soft in the head. Victimhood is the IN. Every day someone finds another injustice to whine about.

Now, we’ve REALLY gone potty.

Robert Mugabe has been made the All-Africa Representative for the World Health Organisation’s ‘Smokefree’ initiative.

For God’s sake! What ARE people thinking! Robert Mugabe!

On his rise to power, he had a little trick to get voters.

Unless you voted FOR him, you’d get a hot coal pushed down your throat.



Imagine having a burning coal from your own fire/village fire,  shoved down your throat, as you were pinned down by Mugabe thugs, because you were not a supporter.

Mugabe mustered up thousands and thousands of recanted supporters that way. You just have to do that once in one village, and the whole village is converted. But there are many, many villages in Africa, as you go about on your political campaign.

The deaths must have been terrible. Savage.

Do you think Mugabe gives a fuck about ‘Smokefree’ or ‘healthy’ Africa?

Mugabe’s role will be to encourage policies aimed at reducing peoples’ exposure to the main risk factors – tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise.

Mugabe: WHO Role Model Of The Month

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Me too

Since Weinstein broke  women are tweeting “Me too” in consolidation with our very abused oppressed and downtrodden sex – or is it gender? – I don’t know anymore…being harassed and abused by men. Continue reading


Old as the hills – the casting couch

I see tons of articles about Harvey Weinstein. (this list is worth scrolling through and feeling shocked at his massive manipulative power.)

Every man who knew and who now expresses shock is actually complicit. Shame on you all. Continue reading


Equal Rights for LGBTQ? Ha bloody ha!

NHS doctor rebellion over patient sexual orientation Q&A

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Scurvy scoundrels

Brexit is a big thing.  The United Kingdom is freeing itself from The Fourth Reich.  Continue reading


What DID you do for goodness sakes?

This is visually intriguing. It’s the usual three/four note composition with zero melody, good beat and stunning images, and confusing message.

What the hell DID she do? Accidentally kill herself? Suicide? Murder? Exhumation? Haunting? Re-incarnate? Revenge herself? What is the message? Continue reading