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MY Urtication studies

I was going tell you today what people do with using nettles for pain

They don’t tell the doctor, in case he laughs at them. Link Continue reading


Pills x x x Urtify? + + +

In 2013 I wrote a post on my blog Life on an alien planet – The secret is in the sting. 

I have been using stinging nettles to urtify my back for three days – and again, the result is miraculous. My pain is hugely reduced. In ‘The secret is in the sting’ post, there are links to more information about urtification. Please read it. Continue reading

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LGBTQ – again – not in the armed forces

Just to put things straight before the furore hits the fan, Trump is not anti-gay.  Continue reading


Pills +++

I phoned to see if an X Ray on my butt would give a better indication of the source of my pain. Continue reading


We could update our marriage! LGBTQ

According to the news,  Continue reading


Reality for Charlie

Arturito Estopiñan , the American child with ‘Charlie Gard’s’ mitochondrial disease RRM2B – has a different form of the disease. He developed symptoms at fourteen months – he was already an active, walking child. Charlie Gard stopped developing at two months. Continue reading

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Interesting reddit on rare dog discovery in New Guinea

The Furlong house is dog lover territory. Man’s best friend. Our best friend.

I’ve been exploring the Wild West of reddit – and in ‘new’ today, I found Continue reading


Social justice warriors have been gestating for a long time

Did you think social justice warriors are a new phenomenon?


They aren’t. Continue reading


What the hell is Reddit?

Is it useful to have an account with reddit? I have. But what use it is to ME, I cannot fathom. Continue reading


Chilled, not stirred

Someone gave me the suggestion I sit on ice for the pain in my buttocks. Or at least stick an ice pack down my knickers. So I did.


But today the pain has moved into the back of my thighs. Continue reading