The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

Joan May Wills’ Poetry

Joan May Wills’ Poetry


I sleep! And in my dreams

You come to me

Stealing in the night

To haunt me once again.


A fleeting glimpse

Of something there

The feel of something

In the air.


A face on a train

As it rushes by

Remembered! As in

Some picture frame.


The turn of a head

And a sudden smile

The voice you heard

That’s beyond recall.


Wood smoke scented

On the air

And autumn leaves

That are drifting there.


You are an illusion

Without a name

Elusive! Like mist

On a summers day.


I sleep! And in my dreams

You come to me

Stealing in the night

To haunt me once again.



I watch the eagle

Soar in the sky

The clouds obliterate

The sun

And I remember you


I hear the music

That you loved

Variations on a theme

Of sensitivity and rock

And I remember you


I hear the rain

Drip on the stone

Like the lonely years

That have come between

And I remember you


I see the autumn leaves

Drift from the trees

And feel the pain

Knowing your’e not here

And I remember you


The wind of change

Blows in my face

And I hear the

Silken whisper of the sea

As I remember you


And in remembering

I know

That love has

Bridged the gap

Stonger than death



You came!

And I was suddenly at ease

You might have been an old friend

Or an ancient coat I was happy in.


No sudden silences

Just an accepting

Of your prescence here

And a sense of deja-vu


It was spring! The grass yellow

With drifts of daffodils

And petals from a

Cherry tree floating down.


That day, I lay with you!!

And shared the sweetness

Of your love

Not thinking of tomorrow.


We wandered, hand in hand

Through the daffodils

Beneath the trees

As if lost in time.


Tomorrow came too soon

And became today

You left! Not looking back

I’m glad you went that way.


Who cares about tomorrow?

For we shared our today.


Be Still

How often do we look

But never see

The power of the eagle

And beauty of the tree.


The blind man sees

More in his day

Because he feels

And listens on his way.


A raindrop on the leaf

Like jewels in the sun

Dew in the morning

And when the day is done.


The smell of hedgerows

After the rain

Birds as they sing

The sound of the train.


Children playing in the

Distance, without a care

Shouting to one another

Their sound floating on the air.


Be Still!

Realise, the peace and

Tranquillity of the moment

For it will never come again.


We can never experience

This time again

However much we try

Only the memories remain.


All we have is here and now!


A Presence

The house looked cold and empty

Among the rolling hills

Although the sun was shining

I could almost feel a chill.


We came for eggs to Yorkshire

As we had done before

A simple man it was that time

Who came to answer the door


A man of few words

And he didn’t smile

As he counted the eggs

He was out by a mile


I said “How much?”

And he didn’t now

So I understood then

He was gently, but slow!


He stood there and watched

With eyes that

Were dark and deep,

As we slowly drove away


So we came again to Yorkshire

Knocking upon the door

A lady it was who answered my knock

Not knowing what was in store


I expected your husband

I said with a smile

And she slowly looked at me

I wouldn’t know why!  I live on my own

He died ten years ago!!



I am broken!!

Looking at pieces

I try to fit them

together again


But none of the

pieces seem to fit

It’s almost as though

They never did


Smile! my mind says

But my body is Far behind

And doesn’t respond


Where did it go?

That childhood peace

A question that’s

On every lip


In the night did

it steal away

Or did life take

it bit by bit


The one who guides

Our sun and moon

And flings the

stars across the sky


Knows! and makes

the spirit strong

Ready to face

The brand new day



Last night I dreamed

And you were there

Your voice and touch

Which brought a tear.


But Bliss!!

To hear your voice,

In laughter and in

Words so choice.


But when I asked

If you would stay,

You slipped away,

As mist on a summers day.


And I am left

Bereft again!!

The memory as a cloud

That vanishes after rain.


But memory!  Can make

My happiness complete

And make the

Loving you so sweet.


But then the dawn

Awakens in the sky

And I from

My dreams am torn.


I wake to face, another day

Without you!!

For dawn that time

That tests the faith.


That tears the heart

And makes us mourn

Recedes into another day,

And courage comes, in faith reborn.



We sat and we talked

The old man and me

Of life and love

And people who see.


He talked of the woman

he’d loved through the years

She’s gone before me

he said through his tears.


But she’ll be waiting

for me never fear

We made a promise

to always stay near.


Children can hurt you

expecting too much.

When all you want

Is a smile and a touch.


Then he looked at his dog

as it sat at his feet.

They’re faithful you know

Real hard to beat.


And the spirit you have

will always survive.

But then I’ve had love

he said with great pride.


I asked about happiness

And he looked in my eyes.

“That’s something you don’t

know you have till it’s gone.”


I thought on his words as I

Went on my way

And decided I will be happy today.



The leaves rustle around my feet

I hold out my hands

And feel the pulse and beat

of life, as it moves around me.


Trees stand stark and empty

Against the darkening sky

Shed of their beautiful rainment

Why do we think they die


Their power pours out to me

As if to prove the life within

It touches my soul

Renewing my strength and purpose


The wind blows gently

Stirring the leaves

Making them rustle and chatter

as they settle again


Who will care for this England

of ours, when we are dead and gone

Will they care for the woodland

The trees and flowers


Who will care that it all began

In the times when the flower

of our youth.  Gave their lives!!

To ensure it would all go on


Or may be destiny has planned

That we, be like the trees

Reborn in the

spring of another time

To care for it all again


Nature 2

The rain has ceased

But the wind has risen

Gusting around the trees,

Bending the boughs.


They flailed about

As in some kind

Of frenzied dance,

Casting eerie shadows.


Inside it was quiet

Except for the moaning of the wind

And the howl as it

Reached its crescendo.


As I watched

The wind caught the leaves

And flung them into the air

To fall again like pieces of confetti.


The outside light

Gave its feeble glow

Amidst the canopy

Of sound.


Suddenly!  All was quiet

Absolutely silent!!

As though someone

Had switched everything off.


And I was once again aware

Of  the force and

Power of nature

Something we can not control.



It was a day of gold

A great blaze of colour

The October light bold

With the hint of autumn.


The trees gold bronze and lime

And here and there

A bright red flash of a sycamore

Amid the dark green of the pine.


The hedgerows with white woodbine,

Flaming orange rose hips,

And fat purple black berries

which leave stains upon your lips.


In the distance on the hills

The soft blur of the fields

framed by the dark trees

Birds like dark clouds whirled and milled.


Settling for a while

leaving the blue sky empty

Then soaring again single file

Calling to one another.


A man whistling for his dog.

The wisp of blue smoke

from a bonfire

curling into the golden air.


The smell of the hedgerows,

At times heady like good wine,

I have only to unlock the

box of memories, rusted with time.


To be there,

And smell it all again!!



I’ll be here till I’m 96

They were all informed one day

I’ll wear my hair down to my waist

And tie it up with string


My dress will be below my calves

Dirty, ripped and rotten

Below that I’ll wear big black boots

All down at heel and muddy.


I will also have a bicycle

Rusty, red and shabby, with a bell!!

And I will shout “Gerr out the way

I’m coming through you beggars”


I’ll go and visit my big sons

When they have friends for tea.

And plonk myself beside them all

Ignoring gasps of horror.


I’ll then ask “What’s for tea”

And when I’m told I’ll holler

“What that again, I don’t like that

Can’t you eat that tomorrow”  And mutter


About their friends who should be home

It’s time to make their supper.

Then take my leave without a word

To son and friends alike


I’ll go home riding on my bike

And ring my bell with glee.

Revenge is sweet!  My dear ones

But you can’t shout at me.



The drums rolled

And the trumpets flared,

As they marched on their way

With heads in the air.


With thoughts of the glory

And pride in their race,

To fight for this country

With smiles on their face.


But nothing prepares

For the hate of the foe,

Who desecrate bodies,

With the name of John Doe.


And those that you liberate

Don’t want to know

That your friends gave their lives

As you watched the blood flow.


And you long for your home,

With your family there.

As you wait for their letters

With a love you can share.


You go to your duty,

As you have been taught

And pray that this time

You won’t be caught.


That no one will go to

Your Mum and your Dad

And say “He was a brave man

So it’s all very sad!!”


So give them their due,

Those children of ours,

Whose courage is manifold

When the battle roars.


No matter that you

Don’t believe in the war!

May be next time

It will come to your door.


So Remember!!  And pray,

For on them we depend.

To keep us all safe

Right to the end.


The Candle

The candle as it flickers

Catches my eye

It sends a pool of light

Across the floor


I watch as it

flickers and flames

As in a current of air

It dances from side to side


Birth and death

And life itself

Are caught

within that flame


Fate holds the key

to all unknown

And we can only be

Like candles in the wind


Blown hither, thither

Where or when

As fate decrees

We’re at its whim


Are we just shadow shapes

That come and go

Like pictures of a

magic lantern show


Or may be we all will be,

Candles lit for all to see,

Like stars throughout

the galaxy


The Moon

The moon that shines

Upon the sea

A path of silver

Reaching down to me.


And waves that beat

Upon the shore

Their music rippling

Out once more.


Cover my footmarks

In the sand

Erasing them like

Some gigantic hand.


But as the waves

Smooth out the sands

So life moves on and

Takes things from our hands.


Every step along

The long long road

Make marks that

Only we can see.


Each footstep that

We took in life

Everyone a stepping-stone

Some happy!  Some in strife.


And every mark

Upon that shore

Is there to greet

The moon once more.


For every footmark

There is planned

By one who holds us

In his hand.



Be still my restless soul

The time will surely come

When you will be forever free

Free to reach your goal.


You watch the seasons

Of time, and remember!

How your heart raced

Forward into spring.


Now as autumn approaches

Thoughts come of the dreams

That were never realised

And you fold them away.


Your heart still knows

The feeling of love

And the surge in the mind

To fulfil it!


But the body has slowed

To a gentle pace

And now can only

Watch the race.


Things that were static

Now hit the floor

And you don’t see the wall

When you walk through the door.


The laces in shoes

Get further away

And you have to get close

To hear what folk say.


But you are my soul, forever young!

And ready to face the brand new day.



I walk among the trees

And the mist rises

Like ghosts of

times gone by.


I put out my hand

The bark is cold and wet

But I can feel the strength

and life of the tree.


My mind goes back

to summers gone

When streams

and brooks abounded


Where frogs and toads

nestled beneath,

The wild watercress

in the clear water.


The pools of frog spawn,

And little boys in wellies

With nets and jam jars

on a string.


And fields a blaze of colour

With poppies buttercups and daisies

The woods, so cool and dark

carpeted with bluebells.


I walk among the trees

And hear them whisper

Winter is here

But spring is yet to come.



No pots upon the table

No dirt upon the floor

No washing in the basket

Oh! Could we ask for more?


The bedrooms always tidy

Bathroom all a gleam

Towels hanging pristine

It really is a dream.


The food stays in the cupboard

No dashing out for more

It really is a miracle

Just like having a store.


The telly has been silenced!!

No one knocking on the door

No voices in the hallway

Nor shouting I want more!


We can stay in bed

And have a ball

Not getting up till three

Then only for our tea.


But hang on, Just a minute

What’s that slamming of the door?

We have been invaded

With children by the score.


It’s “What’s for dinner mum?”

With hugs and pats galore

Our peace has been invaded

How could we ask for more!!


Dead Dreams

Going home, on a bus

I saw your face

Just a glimpse

In the throng

Of the great rat race.


On a train

Through the window

As it thundered by

Misty and unclear

In the pouring rain.


In a car!

As it passed

When you turned your head

Then the smile

And the illusion fled.


I still look!!

Maybe one day

It will be you

When we meet

What will I say.


Or maybe you

Will wave!

Just passing by

Greeting me as a friend

And I will be brave.


But the tears I’ll shed

When you’ve passed by

You will never see

For what we had

Is long since dead!!



The heat haze

Shimmered across the lake

The hills appearing as

A mirage, in the distance


The sun was a huge

Orange ball, hung in the sky

And far away

The muted sound of voices


I watched the condensation

Form on your glass

Touching it gently

I ran my finger down


It was cool

Like a raindrop

As it ran over my finger

And dripped on the table


You raised the glass

Your tongue touching the liquid

Like a woman’s mouth

As you tasted and enjoyed


And I felt the pulse

In my throat

Like the trembling heart

Of a wild bird


You touched my hand

And I rolled all the

Sweetness up inside

To remember forever



I stand-alone! On the deserted stage

Of the theatre of life

In the darkness the spotlight is upon me

The auditorium is bare.


But I feel the people and their presence

Like a force reaching out to me

My arms reach out and I speak the words

But no one hears or understands


I’ve watched the actors come and go

They’ve played their part and then moved on

Like puppets in a Punch and Judy show

Pulled hither, thither by the men


Who pull the strings to gain control,

May be before too late they’ll see

We stand alone! All those who’d be

And speak the language of the free


I have played so many parts

Some good, some bad, to move their hearts

But all the acts and actors should recall

None can prevent the final curtains fall



They flew the planes

Those boys of ours

O’er miles and miles of sky

Fear and dread their company

So we might never cry.


They fought for King and country

And the right to say we care

They fought for the daffodils

Fields and the trees

Streams and rivers and the right to be free.


We have let it all be sullied

By filth crime and greed

Letting our heritage be destroyed

By people who care nothing

For our culture or our creed.


But the pride is still there

If you care to dig deep

In the ordinary people

Who had no time to weep

To whinge or despair.


While building this country

For others to share

And showing that courage

Loving and care

Are part of this country and culture.


There are those who will criticise

Us from out there

But they envy our humour and will to be fair

So let us remember those boys in blue

Who gave their lives, for me and for you.



You held my hand

As you stood with me

Among the daffodils

Said ‘’ I love you ‘’

And lied!!


The sky was blue

As you stood with me

With clouds like cotton wool

We were happy

And you lied!!


You gazed down

As you stood with me

With eyes of china blue

Then took my heart so tenderly

And lied!!


Mid’st the green grass

You stood with me

As we looked at the lake and sky

Then said you’d be for ever true

And you lied!!


But then you threw it all away

As you stood with me

Some day I know that you will pay

For saying ‘’ I love you ‘’

And lied !!


Beneath the trees

I stood with you

You asked, did I still love you true

Then I said ‘’ NO ‘’

And I lied



You touch my hand

And the tingle flows

Around and around

Till it reaches my toes.


At the touch of your lips

The feeling grows

And sparks bow out

To my fingertips.


You touch me again

Till my souls on fire

And I am filled

With warm desire.


In time and space

Where two hearts meet

We become one

With the wind rain and sea.


We reach for the sun

The moon and stars

Alone in our world

And nowhere to run.


I am hurled to the sky

Full of heat and fire

As we slake our thirst

When the flames go higher.


Then the calm of the mind

When the storm is through

Is a balm to the soul

With a love so true.


As I look in your eyes

And I wonder how

It all came about

Was it cupids bow?


Or did fate take a hand

In this meeting of minds

That created this fire

Of me and you.



Now morning with

It’s shaft of light

Chases the stars

Back to the night.


Then dawns pink

Fingertip is born

To herald the sun

As it greets the morn.


And as it rises

In the sky

Searching out the shadows

Chasing the night away.


We watch! And stand upon

The threshold of the day

And ponder on our dreams

That we have lost along the way.


But the thoughtful

Soul dreams on

In solitude, remembers

Things that were undone.


And we who realise today

That those desires

We lost along the way

They were just mirages!


Like water in the sand

And mirages like dreams

They fade away

As if erased by some gigantic hand.


But we whose spirit is unbowed

Will dream a better dream today.


My Dream

The essence of you lingers on

Like roses after the summers sun.

Whose perfume fills the room, and stays!

At times to haunt me night and day.


A soul mate that was my delight

Stays on! Even though you’re out of sight.

Oh! That I could once more

Go forth with you upon the shore.


Where waves do tumble on the sand

To hide our footprints from the land.

There is no peace within these walls

Where no more, you do come to call.


The sun that rises

In the sky,

Will see no more

Of you and I!


So light that shines

Along the shore

Please shine no more

Upon this door.


But cast your beams

Where clouds you can dispel

From hearts more free

And all for them be well.


This dream I had

Whatever it has been

Dashed once again

On rocks that were unseen.


Keep In Touch

The people all came

From miles around

Friends and relations

From far and near


They came with respects

Of flowers and wreaths

Saying their good byes

To one so dear


Their meetings were touching

So loving and kind

The years in between

Had been quite a bind


They ate up the food

And had drinks galore

Chatted and laughed

About things of yore


The things they’d forgotten

For many a year

Some good and some bad things

And shed a tear


As they waved them away

And said their good byes

They shouted “remember today

And please stay in touch”


For lovings not funerals

Weddings and things.


You’re only a phone call away


Never Goodbye

I heard the call

And then I knew

The time had come

For me and you.


To part!

For just a little while

And please!

Just do it with a smile.


For time is measured only by

The love we’ve shared!

So there is no need

For us to ever say goodbye.


So let us then remember times

Of sunshine rivers trees and flowers

With laughter, dreams,

And April showers.


Now you and I

With all our might

Put best foot forward

Into the night.


But darkness it

Will never fall

For love will light

The way for all.


For as we step

Upon that ship

And wave our hands

Remember this!


That friends await us at the harbour

Waving as we come in sight

Sad to leave those behind us

But glad to sail into the light.



The moon upon the water shines

And stars like fireflies

Are mirrored in the sea

Then the rhythm of the waves

Bring peace again to me.


As darkness folds in like a balm

Forming a blanket,

Warm and comforting

Hiding all that does not please

And things that take away my ease.


The everlasting motion of the sea,

Its music as it crashes

On the shore,

Then quietly recedes

To come again once more.


Then shapes of ships upon the shore

And those that glide upon the sea

Faint shapes like phantoms

In the dark

Symbols of the days of yore.


So the peace of night

Wafts gently on the breeze

And lets us dream of unknown things

While looking at the universe

At night beside the sea.


Then dawn throws out her fingertip

And streams across the sky

Searching out the shadows

And destroying one by one

Ready to start a brand new day.



As the door opened

I could hear the silence

Feel it! Smell it!

Like fear.


No more!

Your step upon the stair

The warmth of your embrace

And your sunny smile.


I feel the emptiness

Cold and unwelcoming

As if no one had

Ever lived there.


Many times I’ve longed

For solitude

But this is a void

A vacumn in my chest.


Where did love go?

Did it disappear slowly?

Like mist on a summer day

Gradually fading away?


For I am left bereft

As though you had died

And left me

In the night.



The passion’s gone

And when it’s spent

Those words you said,

Oh! Were they meant?


The flames of love

Burn brightly for a while,

But when they’re quenched

What’s left is just a trial.


The kisses you poured

On your lovers head,

Will languish there

Even though they are dead.


And as we proudly boast,

That we can hold

Our passions as they rage

But love, can break the mould!


In its wild form

Destroys, as it gives pleasure.

And in its anger,

Makes its own measure!


Then in its memory

Leaves a pain.

That can not be assuaged,

Whatever the gain.


Though Lords and Kings

Would offer for your hand,

What has been tamed

Destroys! And has to make a stand.



Dark hills silhouetted against the sky

The wind whistles in the trees

I hear the whinny of the horse

Then it hooves, as horse and rider go by.


They flew like the wind

The horse and the child

Moving as one

Both hearts on fire.


The child rode bareback

No saddle or reins

Or shoes on his feet

Both heels tucked in to share the heat.


A thing of beauty

They were as they came

The boys head right down

As he clung to its mane.


His eyes were alight

With the thrill of the race

And my heart filled with pride

When I gazed on his face.


A free spirit he was

Who didn’t know fear

As he rode with the horse

With no fancy gear.


I will always remember

The horse and the child

And the love that they shared

Out there in the wild.


The Bag Lady

She walks the street

From dawn to dusk

Then sleeps in doorways

Through lack of trust.


Her home is anywhere

She puts down for the night,

Packed within the bags

That are kept within her sight.


Who put the fear

Within her soul,

That makes her run

From hole to hole.


Or was the pain

Of life so great

That made her turn

Away from fate.


Hers, a face like many more

Is pressed against the window,

of life!!  Always outside

Never knocking at the door.


So let us with

Our arms embrace,

And let her join

The human race.


For who can say

About tomorrow

That we might be

So filled with sorrow.


And we should all remember too

That had the hand of god

Just slipped, there!!

Might have been me or you.


The Kiss

You kissed my mouth!

And your face

Was smooth and wet

The skin quite cold.


I felt the rain

Swirling round my feet

Rivulets sliding from

My hair, down my back.


Your body was warm

Close against mine,

My fingers in your hair

And the heat of your response.


I could hear the gulls

Screaming overhead,

And the crash of the sea

In the wind and rain.


As I touched your face

I wanted to hold this moment!

To explore your features

And remember, for all time.


The softly falling rain

Your kiss!

And the sweetness

Of your love.


That rainy day in September!


Singleton Park

The sky was speed well blue

And above the house

Birds circled and swooped

Filling the air with their chatter.


A scatter of dead leaves

Fluttered across her feet

And she kicked them

Gently away from her.


The house stood

Mellowed with age

Chimneys standing high

Windows like large unseeing eyes.


They seemed to be watching

Waiting for her!

The house reached out to enfold her

But she held back.


Behind her was the drive

With its venue of trees

And beneath them

Daffodils, tulips and crocus.


She knew without turning

The beauty of it,

And the pain came!

With the memories.


Around her, rhododendrons

Were a blaze of colour

And the trees whispering

Quietly above them.


They belonged together

She, and the house

But in another time

And another place.


She turned to go

Quietly as she had come

Putting it behind her

Till the time was right.



Oh Dear! As we

Begin another day

We have more

Bills to pay.


The cat’s got flu

And vet’s expensive

My family’s blue

And not inventive.


The washing’s out

So now it’s raining

This housework is

Forever draining.


But then a ray

Of sunshine beams

And shines upon

The leaves of trees.


Now raindrops turned

To diamonds rare

And we can only

Stand and stare.


As in the sky

A rainbow starts

Its vivid hues

A work of art.


So we must give

Our thanks to god

For every day

The silver lining.


He weaves among

The tribulations

The beauty that’s

Forever told.


In his world

For us to treasure

Something we can

Never measure.


The Awakening

The chrysalis lay untouched!

Inside, the butterfly lay

Like a child in the womb

Safe from harm.


In the darkness

It felt the touch of love

It quivered, then settled again

Wanting only the safety of the cocoon.


But the touch came again

Stronger and more insistent

Feeling it, the butterfly stretched

Causing the cocoon to split.


As it felt the beat

Of the love around it

Slowly and carefully

The butterfly emerged.


Not sure what was happening

It looked around

Slowly it unfolded its wings

Stretching them experimentally.


As it fluttered them

In the warmth and sunshine

Of the love that surrounded it

It grew brave and reached out.


Then, fulfilled it stood

Straight and tall

Transformed by love

Shining in the bright sunlight!



But if in haste

To feel its beauty

You press on its

Bright shining wings.


You destroy all the love

And the care

That’s gone in it

Just to taste of the beauty that’s there.


So let it go free

And handle with care

For love is so fragile

But there is nothing to compare.


The Frieze

I feel the magic once again

It enfolds me.

As I see the garden

Spread out before me.


I see the bridge

Broken now!

The ordered garden overgrown

With lavender and sage.


Broken paving hidden

By creeping plants

Gentians and wild strawberry

Growing in profusion.


The sun shining on

The hedgerows

Send a heavy scent

After the rain.


A path leads down

To the river

Under the weeping willows

Who dip their branches in the water.


The magic is there!

Everything stands still

A time frozen

Like a picture on the wall.


I know I will

Never see this moment again

But it’s etched on my mind

And part of eternity.


The Horizon

The days move on

And time has gone

That puts space

Between you and me.


And I must tread

This long long road

That fate has deemed

My life should be.


I watch the child

That has your face

Leap forward and embrace

Each day with joy.


Young heart and bones

That has no fear

And reaches out with

Everything, that I hold dear.


Its then I know

What God has planned

For everyone upon

These lands.


That nothing happens

Quite by chance

He knows!! And gives us compensation

In things that make our lives enhanced.


And I know, you are there

Just beyond the far horizon

As you always said you’d be,

Waiting, for me!!

The Children


I heard the voices again

Children’s voices, subdued sometimes

Sometimes giggling

As if they were hiding from one another.


Then calling to one another

“Where are you?”

“I can’t find you!”

“Come out wherever you are.”


The room was full of sunshine

Dust floating on the beams of light

As the wood in the old house

Settled in the warm sun.


I hear them running down stairs

And I step into the hall

“Who are you?”  I ask

And there is silence.


I can feel their presence

As though they watch me.

Then I hear their voices again

Giggling and laughing together.


As they run back upstairs

Their footsteps echoing

In the quiet house

Then all is still again.


The past is ever with us

As is the future

And one is enfolded in the other

Time is but a measure.


The happiness of the boys

Enfolds me

Are they in a time warp?

Or just shadows that come and go.


I will never know

Because I have to move on

To create my own impressions

Or shadows to leave behind.

The Magic


As we climbed aboard

The wooden box

Our John, Michael, Teddy and me

That won’t fly! They all shouted with glee.


But we knew the words

Full of magic you know

That would make our

Flying machine go.


We said our good byes

Then off we went

We circled and swooped

Oh! What an event.


They came to the windows

To wave us goodbye

Then over the playground

We went with a cry


Then we flew through the sky

Leaving sparks as we went

And the moon as it rose

Gave us light to descend.


We chattered and laughed

As we landed at home

And told of the fun

That we’d had at Toytown.


We’d go there again

Sometime when it’s right

We murmured to Mum

As she tucked us up tight.


Sometime!! When the magic is right

Then again we can fly through the night.


The Moment

Hold it!

Hold this moment

Here within your hand

Fill it to the brim.


The sun slanting

Through the trees

Making dappled shade

Where waves of daffodils grow.


The coolness of the wood

After the heat of the day

And the smell of the

Woodland and flowers.


It fills the senses

And calms the

Troubled mind

Making all worthwhile again.


But you will never

Have this moment again

Never be able to call it back

Except in memory.


So whatever your moment is

And wherever you are

Hold it fast

And fill it to the brim.


The Moon

The moon that shines

Upon the sea

A path of silver

Reaching down to me.


And waves that beat

Upon the shore

Their music rippling

Out once more.


Cover my footmarks

In the sand

Erasing them like

Some gigantic hand.


But as the waves

Smooth out the sands

So life moves on and

Takes things from our hands.


Every step along

The long long road

Make marks that

Only we can see.


Each footstep that

We took in life

Everyone a stepping-stone

Some happy! Some in strife.


And every mark

Upon that shore

Is there to greet

The moon once more.


For every footmark

There is planned

By one who holds us

In his hand.


The Orchestra

I feel at one

With the wind and rain

Sweeping across the fields

Lashing the countryside.


The sea, as the waves

Crash into the shore

Sending the seagulls flying

Shouting their hoarse cries.


With the trees

As they whisper together

Enfolding me with their strength

Communing, as I stand beneath them.


My spirit reaches out

To the storm and elements

Feeling the fire and passion

In the sky.


The thunder roars

Lightning flashes, cracking and sizzling

A blaze of fire

Lighting up the heavens.


It’s an orchestra

In the sky

Each one making

It’s own music.


But always in time with nature.


The Angel

Destiny holds us in its thrall

But there are many hills

That we must climb

And tasks we must fulfil.


Many shadows we must pass

And many dangers along the track

So we have no time to wallow

In tears or fears that hold us back.


The long hand of fate

Points where we must go

And we can only follow

The path that lies beyond the gate.


But if in sorrow you should take

The wrong road for a little spell

Remember time is measured by

The experience your soul can make.


So don’t be afraid

If you make a mistake

Your angel is there

And is always awake.


Then hold out your hand

And with them conspire

To lighten your load

In this trail of fire.


So be kind to your angel

Remember that it’s there

The next time that you have

A moment you can share.


The Perfect Light

I took my soul to the one

Who’s heart is black as night

I offered it, as the price

If I could cease the fight.


“No rest for you” he said with glee

“Go back and sin some more

Then come back to me

And maybe, I might unlock the door.”


So I gave it to the one

I had loved so dearly

He looked at it and sighed

And said “I don’t want this really!”


Then I took it to my friend

Who said “Dear Soul be still

And you will see it all will be

Put right at the end.”


So I took it to my God

And told him of my shame

“I’ve sinned” I said “ It’s not quite bright

Now I must bear the blame.”


Then he held it in his hand

And weighed it carefully

“It’s had some wear I must admit

But it’s just worn and weary.


Around this soul I see a band

Of gold, that’s shining bright

Of love! And that’s the only thing

That gives the perfect light.”


“So come you in and rest awhile

And I will take, the burden of your sin.”


The Dreamer

Oh! Come my love

And fly with me

For I will take you

To the sea.


Where dolphins frisk

And coral lies in pink tipped mist

As seagulls throw their mocking cries

While soaring silver in the skies.


I will take you to the East

Where Cleopatra and her love did feas

There we’ll lie neath tents of silk

As I feed you dates and milk.


Then I’ll fly you to the sky,

And touch the stars as we go by,

Then leave a blaze of fireworks there

As dawns pink finger tip is born.


We will make the thunder roar,

The sky ablaze with lightening bright,

As I hold you in my arms

Putting all your fears to flight.


Then the sweetness of our love,

Will be like wine, and as we sip,

Remember that the cup will fill,

As I hold it to your lip.


Yes! I will show you stars above

Where time and space do not exist

Then you and I will be complete

The world starburst at our feet.


So come with me and take my hand

And we will reach the promised land.


The Question

The stars and moon move on

And I’m alone! For you are gone

Lost in the universe

Never to return.


How does my heart keep beating,

When it feels such pain

Day follows day

And I question fate in vain!


I stand and look upon the sky

And wonder where it all began

Did we choose to live this life

To pay some price, and if so why?


When  will the one who holds the key

In that great bowl they call the sky

Pull back the veil and let me see

It’s all not just a waste of time.


The joy and sorrow pain and fear

We shared, for oh! So  many years

Made our love strong

To make up for the many tears.


And when at last my time has gone

You’ll come to meet me on the bridge,

That we have forged with love

And say “Come on then Mom, Well done!!


The Seasons

And now the longest

day has gone,

So we, with summer days

Are done.


But autumn brings

its happy hours

If not the joy

Of April showers.


I watch as trees

Shed from their branches

The leaves turned gold

turned into dancers.


The hazel nuts drop

from the trees

Like rain in springtime

As they’re freed.


And winter comes

with snow-capped hills

Instead of lovely



Squirrel, dormice others too

Gather up the nuts to store

While they find a place to sleep

Knowing there will be no more.


Storing strength to come again

Everything goes down to rest

quietly and beautifully

Having given of its best.


The Senses

We touch with our fingers

The velvet there,

So soft and warm

And the feeling lingers.


We touch with our lips

A lover’s face

Smooth and alive

To our finger tips.


The smell of the hedge rows

And bacon cooking!

Feeling and smelling

A clean shirt or blouse!


And the gentle touch

Of your baby’s fingers.

As they search for your mouth

Then the taste of them lingers.


A glorious sunset!

The rain on your face.

And the wind as it

Scurries all over the place.


The absolute bliss

Of a sunny day

Which lifts the spirit

And drives cares away.


The snow as it falls,

So gentle and slow.

Covering the world

With a white pristine glow.


God gave us these senses

To touch, smell and feel.

But tis we, the busy!!

Who miss the splendour of his love.


The Silence

The Church was empty

It echoed!

Filled with a silence of listening

For the voice of god.


Sunlight slanted through

The beautiful figures

In the stained glass

Of the windows.


Making pools of coloured light

On the floor and pews

Through the dust motes

Which danced on the air.


My footsteps were taken and thrown

To walls and roof, echoing loudly,

So I sat among the peace.

And felt the vibrations of friendly presences.


The candles against the wall

Flickered and flamed,

Fanned by the

Draught from the door.


And I prayed for peace,

For our wonderful country

And those giving their lives

For our freedom!


The ultimate gift of life

And love, for your fellow man

What more could we ask

Of anyone?


The Universe

Are we the chosen then?

Or do we choose?

To come upon this earth

And make our mark

Upon this universe.


Making of this living, sense,

While understanding nothing

Of the meaning of the life,

That’s thrust upon us

In this time and place.


The spirit longing to be free

Cries out “what is there for me”

But gallantly fights on

Not understanding why

But learning much along the way.


Of all the passions of the world

That can control the mind

And make us free

Or bind us to it with its chains

Of things that we desire.


The chains we forge them one by one

And drag them day by day

Forgetting as we journey on

By learning much, we nothing learn

While wanting to be free.


They say we pave our way to hell

With our good intentions

By breaking chains that hold us back

And using our potential

We can be free and make our mark.


Upon the universe

And work for changes.


The Woods

The woods were lovely

Deep and mysterious

Full of the smell

Of the loamy earth.


The trees formed an arch

And the sun filtered through

Making patches of sunlight

On the grass and bushes.


Bluebells formed a carpet

Of blue, so thickly

That I had to tread

Very carefully.


There was silence, so complete

Almost like a cathedral

Except for the occasional

Twitter of a bird.


My mind went back

To days gone by

And I was at peace,

Where I belonged.

Among nature, and my God!!



Across the bridge of time

I hear you call my name

Wait! Wait for me

You cry, and I shiver.


I feel your prescence

And hear the seagulls mocking laughter

As they soar shining silver

In the blue sky.


Love! Intangible! Untouchable

The wind and ocean hush

As we reach across time

To let our spirits touch.


Some where in time

We are accur’sed

And doomed to live apart

In penance for some crime.


Wait! Wait you say

So I turn from others

Not knowing where or when

Or if we’ll ever meet again.


Your voice and face invade my dreams

Though we are far apart

And should we ever meet by chance

I’ll know! By eyes by voice and heart.


Then I will hold this precious time

Hold it! In the palm of my hand

Savour it’s sweetness like nectar or wine

For it may never come again.



Be still my restless soul

The time will surely come

When you will be forever free

Free to reach your goal.


You watch the seasons

Of time, and remember!

How your heart raced

Forward into spring.


Now as autumn approaches

Thoughts come of the dreams

Those that were never realised,

And you fold them away.


Your heart still knows

The feeling of love

And the surge in the mind

To fulfil it!


But the body has slowed

To a gentle pace

And now can only

Watch the race.


Things that were static

Now hit the floor

And you don’t see the wall

When you walk through the door.


The laces in shoes

Get further away

And you have to get close

To hear what folk say.


But you are my soul, forever young!

And ready to face the brand new day.



The voice said

“Take my hand

And I will lead you

Through the dark

And lonely path.”


“But I am weak”

Said I

“And many doubts assail me

The way is long

And darkness is around me.”


“I am the light

Beyond the tunnel”

The voice replied

“Come put your

Trust in me.”


So step, by step

He took me forward

Through the long

And lonely path

That only I could see.


“Who are you?”

I asked at journeys end

“My friend I cannot see”

“Why! I am love” was the reply

“And you can trust in me.”



Why! Do they now

Make print so small?

So no matter how you try

You can’t see it at all.


And why! Are feet

So far away?

Tights and shoes

Really have me beat.


Why! Do people

Speak so low?

So I can’t hear

It really is so feeble.

Why! Do they walk

So very fast?

Passing by me on the street

And I’ve not even stopped to talk.


And why! Are days

So very cold?

The summer winds

Really are so very bold.


Inside! There’s still a girl

Who dances all the days away.

But time has played its hand

And now I only watch the play.


Winter Days

The nights grow dark

And the wind is cold.

Days are short

As the year grows old.


A time to warm

The hearth at night.

And gaze into

The flames so bright.


Time has slowed

To a gentler pace,

And favourite books

Take pride of place.


The trees have shed

Their raiment now,

And maybe soon

We’ll have some snow.


Our children’s cheeks

Are all aglow,

While on their fingers

They must blow.


As on toboggans

They have fun,

As up and down

The hills they run.


The lights in windows

Spill their light

And cast a beam

Into the night.


So winter has a special place

In the seasons plan, as it shows it’s face.



So into the mists of time

Yesterday has gone

Always leaving in our minds

So many things undone.


And as we travel

Down the road,

That twists and winds away

We can look back to yesterday.


We take our dreams into today

And some how hold them fast

They calm and comfort us

As they remind us of the past.


The memories of what we had

Are what we hold so dear

Phantoms of what has been

Waiting to reappear.


It really seemed we had the time

To let things slip away

But then it turned into today

And yesterday was gone.


Today is only what we have

So we must use it well

Finding strength to make our mark

And somehow make it jell.


For tomorrow comes so quickly

As it then becomes today

Then slips into the mist of time

And becomes yesterday.



As she walked

With the sun and wind

in her face

Her youth and beauty shone through.


Her head was high

And her legs were bare,

As the sun caught

the hints of red in her hair.


She swayed as she walked

In that age old way,

And her skirt swung in rhythm

As she chassed on display.


A thing of beauty

She was as she came

And we watched and

wished that we were the same.


But she made our day

with a nod and a smile

And a swing of her hips

As she went on her way.


The Child

The church was quiet and dim

Candles giving the only light

As they burned straight

And strong, in the still air


I thought on the child

That was born in a stable

Whose birth was foretold

In the scriptures before him


Mary, the one who was chosen

To bear God’s son

Would always remember

His will would be done


The angel, who in it’s glory

Came in the night, to inform them

Of what they must do

And where they should go


He came to teach us

A new way to live

Of loving each other

And a good way to give


This world is a hard place

So he gave us each other

To comfort and care

Remembering always, that he will be there


So think on the child

On your Christmas day

And give thanks for the blessing

God gave us that day


Short Story

Winter Wonderland


I awoke one morning to a winter wonderland!!


The bedroom was flooded with light, and I thought for a moment I had overslept.  But when I looked at my clock it was just 7:30.

So I got out of bed to look through the window, and everything was white, it had been snowing.


No one had walked through the snow so it was completely unmarked!  It was like a Christmas card, quiet and still, so I quickly threw some clothes on and combed my hair.


By the time I opened the front door, the young boy from next door was standing in the snow.  His face was a picture!!  He was wrapped up in coats and scarves and a bobble hat on his head.  His cheeks were red and his eyes dancing, as he looked at me and said “isn’t this lovely.”


I agreed with him and we walked around the houses together.  We both turned when we reached the corner to look back on the scene; ours were the only footmarks.


In the background were the hills covered in snow and above them the sky was a clear blue.  Everything was so quiet, as though the Hurley burley of the world had stopped just for a little while.


As we walked on, we passed bushes where spiders had spun their webs and covered in frost they looked like silver ornaments.  The trees were covered in frost and snow, and the air was clear and cold.  It made me want to stand and take deep breaths of it.


At the top of the hill the boy left me, and I watched as he walked away leaving big footprints in the snow.  I watched till all I could see was the blue of his jacket and his red bobble hat.


I turned back towards home and the warmth of my flat, and as I did the sun came out.  It shone on the snow and frost and made it glitter.  Then the church bells started to ring.


The sound floated clearly over the fields to where I was standing, and I prayed for peace for this wonderful world of ours.
ÓJoan May Wills