The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Screeming heebejeebies

I wear hearing aids. They are the most wonderful things in my life! I’ve met people who say they can’t stand them from reasons ranging from sound-distortion to vanity. Continue reading


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Hinckley point – delusions of grandeur

I am very happy the British Government pressed “pause” before signing up to Hinkley Point C.  It always seemed to me, to be something questionable agreed to by politicians with delusions of grandeur. Continue reading

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Taking the bus

The busses here are fantastic! I’ve made two trips into town now – and tomorrow Mr Furlong is coming too. Continue reading


The naughty corner

One of the Furlong daughters has been over from Africa. As I write she is sitting at Dubai, waiting for her connection to fly “home”.  While she was here, the Furlong family did a lot of reminiscing. Continue reading

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Dark forces

While the Furlongs have been moving house, we have still followed the news. The company that provides our phone and broadband were fantastic, our new service was active on the day of our move. If you have that, you have everything! Continue reading

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Our Furlong familys’ group Whatsapp is nothing like this one – Turkey Coup

The Furlong family keep in touch daily through our “group” on WhatsApp – its wonderful! Love it.

But how about this? A very interesting “group” on WhatsApp. Fascinating stuff. Have a read…… Continue reading


How to make your writing flow again

If you are a writer, you need discipline.  Unless you are hit in the face with an idea that you simply MUST write about,  writers need alert minds to “ideas”.  But sometimes alert minds gets blocked by life events. No worries – just intend that you will pick up your alert mind again, when the time for it is right.  It helps to write anything – anything – to get the writing-mind active again.  Continue reading