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Harvest Mites – bite help without bullshit

At this time – July to the middle of August, I am bitten by Harvest Mites. I have been bitten for twenty years. I’m an expert.

Here is some REAL help without bullshit for those people looking up Harvest Mite bites on the internet.

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This morning I saw one bird at the bird feeders – one. Continue reading


What do you get from your hols?

These old Furlongs were mighty gratified when we returned home from our hols. We got grateful! Continue reading


B12 or not to B12 – vegans

Recently I told my readers my hair had had a scary month or two of falling out on my vegan diet. It also became straight and more limp and depressingly thin than it always has been. Continue reading

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Run, jog, skip or walk

Yesterday all our smallest grandchildren were here. If you follow my blog, you will know that behind our home (which is a ground floor flat) there is a large green field. Continue reading

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Take comfort for your health

You probably know that some hikers in the Alps in the 1990’s  found the frozen body of an ancient corpse – from thousands of years ago.  He’d been murdered. He’s called Otzi. Details about Otzi here 

You probably know that the Furlongs have followed the Paleo diet, and the Plant based diet to improve their health. Mr Furlong has a heart condition.  Continue reading


In praise of fur

This morning I saw my face. I took the trouble to polish the mirror I use to put my makeup on. Continue reading