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We could update our marriage! LGBTQ

According to the news,  Continue reading

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Animals That look Like Celebrities!

Loved this! I need some light relief! Re-blogged with thanks.


lt logo 

This one with Putin is just scary!

As is this Richard Branson one!

Ron Perlman meets his permed doppelganger.

Which one is the dawg?

The Dali Llama…literally!

Taylor Lautner and equally ‘squinchy-faced’ friend

Harrsion Ford’s quizzical expression is doubled.

Madonna. The frog plays a mean guitar and is also a marine biologist.Peyton Manning’s double.

Strut Cat and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Ron Perlman meets yet another doppelganger…no perm.

Mckayla Maroney and Red Rabbit do not approve.


‘Ner ner ner!’

Such beautiful hair. Julia Roberts style is nice too.

Eric Stonestreet.

Rafael Nadal and a capybara getting passionate about tennis.

David Duchovny.

Any favourites? Whack it in the comments below! 🙂

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Weekend break – empty vessels – politics instead of Art

The whole of last week I posted about artists I enjoyed on our recent trip to Tourrettes Var.

But I need a break from Art, to comment on what I am seeing on the TV. Continue reading


Ready steady go

We are off to France in two days time.

We have packed.  Continue reading

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Bloody Windows update!

I hate Windows updates! There is always something awkward done to MY settings when it’s done. Continue reading

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How you know you are getting old

The Furlongs who live in this house flat, are aware we are getting old.

Do we feel old? Not mostly.

We FEEL the same as we have always done – just like “us”.  Continue reading

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Be considerate to your poor subjects, please

I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but I found a way to stop bad temper and impatience in my computer students. It works like a charm. And they’ll remember. Continue reading

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Cures For The Plague

Fun post Frank! Thanks – reblogged.

Frank Davis

H/T Roobeedoo for a link that led to Cures for the Plague:

Those who stayed in London did all they could to protect themselves from the plague. As no one knew what caused the plague, most of these were based around superstition. In 1665 the College of Physicians issued a directive that brimstone ‘burnt plentiful’ was recommended for a cure for the bad air that caused the plague. Those employed in the collection of bodies frequently smoked tobacco to avoid catching the plague.

“For personal disinfections nothing enjoyed such favour as tobacco; the belief in it was widespread, and even children were made to light up a reaf in pipes. Thomas Hearnes remembers one Tom Rogers telling him that when he was a scholar at Eton in the year that the great plague raged, all the boys smoked in school by order, and that he was never whipped so…

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Jacaranda trees

Oh, this morning I saw a picture of a Jacaranda tree on my new phone. How beautiful they are! I remembered.  Continue reading


Test post

What a performance! This Furlong, used to be a BlackBerry user. Mr Furlong is not concerned about computers and stuff as long as something works he’s happy. But I have always favoured BlackBerry for tablets and phones. Continue reading