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Fancy that! Our old Vanda – an endangered species

In Africa we had a big garden. There were two trees at the back that had orchids growing on them. The orchids were Vanda coerulea – a most stunning blue.  Continue reading

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Serious birthday thought

I only remember one birthday day; the actual day. All the others have blended into a blur of simply ordinary days with other people being happier about my birthday than I was. I’ve never liked birthdays much.

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My birthday cat

It’s my birthday today!  Continue reading

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Rude words – proper English

I remember these – I looked them up for a giggle! Continue reading

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My experiment in propagating a rose

Some months ago, in my rovings around YouTube, I discovered a very poor video made by someone with little English, living in Turkey, or Greece, I can’t remember.

It was about propagating roses. Continue reading


Modern bottle gardens

Yesterday, I wrote about an old fashioned bottle garden – the kind I remember.

And failed with. Continue reading

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Bottle gardens – I remember those!

I tried a bottle garden once. The bottle got foggy and clouded over and had bits of earth stuck on the sides. I’m a sloppy worker! And the plants died of mould. Getting them out was a bit of a pharp and very smelly. I don’t know what happened to the bottle. It was the same as this one in the video.

But some people have better luck.

David’s bottle garden is essentially one of the best examples of nature’s recycling process. And the wonderful part is that it should work with almost any plant, not just spiderworts. All you need to create your own is a large glass container with a wide neck and some good quality potting compost, deep enough for the plant to sink in its roots. Introduce very few tiny specimens of the plant of your choice, move them into position with kitchen tongs, water them ever-so-lightly, seal the jar, and place it in a well-lit spot. That’s about it — you’ve got yourself a beautiful bottle garden that will thrive for years to come

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Young people know ziltch, zero, nothing about life before the EU

I am SO sick of the idea thrown about by the remainers that all the UK people who voted to leave the European Union are old people who are now dead and we should have another referendum so that all the new young voters can vote remain. Continue reading


Remember the o2 cross person? Here’s more we might not know…about texting

A few days ago I promoted a video of a very cross person berating the mobile phone provider o2.  Link

I followed her channel hoping there might be more. Today I found this video in my inbox. Continue reading

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Curried eggs

Today, Mr Furlong made delicious curried eggs.

Many years ago, when our children were little, I used to have a ‘special’ time alone with each one of our five children by taking them out somewhere alone with me. Continue reading