The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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2017 – maybe things we could do

2016 was a good year for The Furlongs I think.

Well, I can remember more nice experiences than unpleasant ones. Continue reading


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fMRI scan science

I’ve always had a problem believing that scientists REALLY know what is going on in our brains. Continue reading


Diabetics beware nutritionists on the NHS

Ah yes – the new Diabetes initiative – 2017 Continue reading

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Cheering Christmas Post

Happy Christmas all!

(There were no writing errors found by the proofreader in this post)

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Cheering Chernobyl post

After the Chernobyl disaster 26 April 1986, the fallout in Cumbria was so bad that herds of sheep here had to be destroyed as inedible and fell walkers exposed themselves to dangerous levels of radiation. No one has ever asked how many people developed cancer as a result. And the total number of deaths from Chernobyl in Russia have been manipulated fudged so much we’ll never know. Continue reading


Sceptical me

Perhaps it’s just my age. But I’m aware that my sceptical me is flowering.

We are a species of mostly mugs. We truly are.  Continue reading


Dangerous ideas

There are several ideas that cannot be disseminated into society.

They have to be  obscured for various reasons. They are dangerous ideas. They could lead to a break down of our present system. Continue reading