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Waiting, waiting – baby not arrived

Oh no! This is a long hard labour for our youngest daughter. All the Furlongs are connected via text, Skype and phone. We are really pulling together in our love for each other. Continue reading

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What a fun post about our doggie friends. They come in all shapes and sizes – sometimes even loving us only for the FOOD we share with them. That’s dogs for you!

Elena mitchell's Blog

Charlotte. The Fat, Pig Pug. Poor little soul. Rescued at the age of seven, and then almost immediately went blind and demented. But I would have had her anyway, even if I had known, because there is absolutely nothing about her to dislike.

Fortunately, she is not of my heart, but I doubt that I am of hers either. Just a food provider. So there will be no crying or wailing when the inevitable day arrives.

She has completely forgotten that the lavatory is in the garden, but I can’t get upset about a very old mat. And picking up shit off a mat is easier than picking it up off the grass.

However, she has no problem whatsoever in remembering that it is Breakfast or Dinner Time, and exactly where her food bowl is.

She is company of a kind, and gets me out of bed in the morning…

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Baby alert

The new human grandchild arriving to the Furlong family, is on its way.  When new humans arrive on planet earth it is generally quite stressful.  We are planning on being stressed. This is the seventh time for us.  But now OUR baby is having a baby.


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Words in black – Homeopathy

My sister is a Homeopath. All the Furlong family use Homeopathy now and again. A fall? Take Arnica. A panic? Take rescue remedy. A mouth ulcer? Take Mercurius. But we all know – Homeopathy doesn’t work, don’t we? They are just sugar pills with absolutely zero effect – except possibly placebo. Continue reading

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A most amazing experience – putting our dog to sleep

In 2008, we had to put our dog to sleep. She was a West Highland White. But she had been badly bred. West Highlands often have skin disorders and we struggled with Grace (our Westie) for many years. Continue reading


Dogs – unconditional love

I think we had a dog when I was a very little girl, but later we only had cats. I only ever had cats. The roll call of my deceased cats would be very long. Continue reading

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Bags and wrinkles

Damn! I wanted to look nice tomorrow but I’m not going to. Continue reading

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Autism – a different take

I have always thought that Wakefield  linking Autism with vaccinations, was an idea that MIGHT be a true thing. Continue reading


Protest! You can make a difference

When you are shopping in supermarkets, you have POWER. You can make a difference with what you REFUSE to buy. Continue reading


I hate surprise parties

My 21st birthday was miserable. I was in the middle of baby blues. My son screamed night and day. He was hungry and colicky and miserable too. His father was mostly absent playing pool, snooker, or at the races. I had realised pretty quickly I had made a very bad mistake. I spent many a lonely night watching from the front window, longing for him to come home. Continue reading