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The Great Man Made Global Warming Swindle

When I was a young woman, there was going to be Global Cooling. It was PROVED by science. No question, no argument.  Continue reading

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Cookies – drive me completely cookie

Just lately, these damn cookie notifications are in my face constantly. Worse than ever. Continue reading

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The not politically correct Golliwogg

Being old-fashioned and brought up in “the olden days”, I find many of the touchy-squeely-offensive things that people get their knickers in a twist about, absolutely laughable. People have no sense of history. We live now, in a completely “victim” time. Offense-takers are victims. Fools actually. Continue reading


Trouble with Low Fat

Everyone eats differently. Here in Bedfordshire, where we are staying temporarily, Low Fat everything is on the menu.  Here there is a fear of FAT. Fat is BAD. Continue reading


Dear Georgie Porgie

I think I’ve said this before. This Government could save itself billions if it simply stopped persecuting smokers. They would not have to support Action on Smoking and Health or any of the other money-sucking “charities” and quangos that get our taxes. Or pay out BILLIONS for NHS Smoking Cessation Services or NRT for people who can switch to vaping far more successfully than by using the patches, gums and inhalers you pay the Drug Companies for.  Continue reading


The Truth about the FAKE

We are staying down in Bedfordshire – not our usual stamping ground.

So tonight we ran out of cream. Cream is one of my main foods with me being on a high fat diet and all that. Ooo nooo! No cream? Continue reading


To exotic Bedfordshire…

Today, The Furlongs and their dog are on their way to exotic Bedfordshire. We are going down to nurse Mr Furlong’s sister who lives there. Last time, I wrote about these wonderful creatures. Continue reading

polimer ring

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Peace Poppy

Thank you Fulgorine


I have been distressed by the latest attacks in Paris. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know it is NOT more hatred, vengeance or bombs. I have made myself a polymer clay ring featuring the white poppy, a symbol of peace.

White poppy ring by Cate van Alphen White poppy ring by Cate van Alphen

It is a reminder to me to pray for forgiveness, understanding and love.

White poppy ring by Cate van Alphen White poppy ring by Cate van Alphen

It’s pretty chunky, but that is okay because it means it reminds me often during the day. 🙂

Polymer clay ring by Cate van Alphen Polymer clay ring by Cate van Alphen

I know I can’t change the minds* of the terrible minority with their fingers on deadly buttons, but perhaps it will help me to transform my own fear into something more positive.

* Especially since I believe trying to force other people to change their minds is part of the problem.

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Article 20 Response from the government

This post is about Vaping. I am a vaper. Even if you are not, it might be an interesting peek into how dis empowered people really are under the mantle of the European Union, and government officials who have no clue about what they are doing! Continue reading


The dark side of meditation

I’ve always thought of meditation as a “good” thing. A way to cope with life. A way of relaxing. But I have just read this article, which I share quotes from. It puts forward the idea that the new craze of meditation/mindfulness, as promoted for the staff in a business, has a darker side. It’s a thoughtful article worth reading. Continue reading