The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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I’m NOT taking the pills!

I think modern western medicine is fantastic for putting things to gether that are dropping off, broken, blocked, faulty etc. But, for lifestyle problems, age problems, “conditions” – I am NOT taking their pills! Pills kill. Continue reading


Damn, damn, damn

My sister and I were brought up in a strict home.  One could say it was unnatural.  Continue reading

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Blast the bank

It took me an hour and a half in my attempt to buy a costume – a swim suit – from TKMax. I’m struggling with the one I’ve got because I can’t pull the back up with my hand injury, and last Thusday, Mr Furlong had to dress me, and my sister undressed me at swimming, Continue reading

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On being a grandperson

I think there must be something wrong with my grandparenting skills. I am always delighted when the kids arrive and I’m even more delighted when they leave. Mr Furlong and I end up exhausted. How we ever brought up five children absolutely eludes me. Continue reading

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Our friend Robin Bamber

We had a good friend – a writer called Robin Bamber. Robin lived a full and healthy life for twenty years after being given only two months to live. He inspired millions of cancer sufferers. In my archives I have a lot of his wonderful writing and poems. So today, on Gentle Ignition I posted the first of several excerpts of Robin’s writing. Continue reading


My Arthritis MOT and the Virgin hand

I had to go to the doctor, which I try to avoid. I dislocated my thumb twice in 10 days. The pain was indescribable. It had me crying out. So, the second time, I troggled off to the surgery, begging for help. Continue reading



This is how our political system works in trying to pay back our National Debt – stacked odds and the eternal idea among the populous that any political party achieves anything at all. Continue reading

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Vaping and Hitler

As a vaper, I am astonished at how hostile the authorities are about vaping. Vaping is a wonderful substitute for smoking. I loved smoking. I never wanted to stop. I only vape by accident because I prefer it. Smoking/vaping is a PLEASURE. Pleasure is not acceptable, it must be eradicated. Continue reading


Chutney election

This must be one of the strangest elections ever in the UK. I think we are going to end up with a Chutney Parliament. Well that’s what I think we need. Continue reading

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The wealthy man

‘We have never been “wealthy” financially, but we have never wanted for anything. Here are the rules that make us REALLY wealthy. Continue reading