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Out of the Woodwork

Mr Furlong does woodwork.

He has two, repeat TWO sheds. When we arrived here in our little flat from a big house, we consciously downsized. Us old Furlongs gave tons of stuff away to the younger Furlongs, or simply Freegled things. Well, I did. But Mr Furlong had to build a second shed to fit all his stuff in.

Even now, with TWO sheds he complains of lack of space. Whilst I am in my ‘office’ (aka bedroom) in the mornings doing stuff on my computer, Mr Furlong is out ‘shedding’ as he calls it.

He has made fascinating stuff, wooden toys, tables, supports for all his tools or special shelves to hoard, no, ” store” his tools, equipment etc, during the last few years. Our grandchildren love his Tsumiki pieces.

Tsumiki Building Blocks by Kengo Kuma

He is especially fussy that there are no knots in them.

Tsumiki Pavilion de Kengo Kuma | Installations

Our flat has only wooden doors and skirtings. Previously, I have only lived in houses with white painted wood. But I like the wood. The knots and whorls are beautiful to my eyes. They support little creatures that watch me, or allow my imagination to wander. Knots are beautiful I think.

Still, no couple can agree on everything I suppose.

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The Pink Spot

Mr Furlong did the plant based diet for some years. We Read Dr McDougal’s book.

I did it religiously for six months and ended up in trouble.

My hair fell out. My nails broke and my skin simply dried up.

I found out I had a B12 deficiency which occurs on a vegan diet. But of course I didn’t know that,

Hair falling out is NOT acceptable. I have for some years had to check my ‘pink spot’ which appears at the top and back of my head. I thought it was my personal fetish to worry about a ‘pink spot’, but I find out no one likes their pink spots and go to great lengths to hide them like applying spray-on hair and doing comb overs

As a vegan, my pink spot grew as my hair fell out.

Now, I’m into my seventh month of Carnivore. My skin is wrinkled because I’m old but it’s not dry. My nails would grow long and strong if I let them. But apart from seeing many small problems like easy bruising, old age spots fading, and lady problems vanishing, the biggest alteration I can see is that my hair seems thicker, and my ‘pink spot’ is disappearing.

I am well pleased!


High Diving (prepare to be revolted)

These old Furlongs had a terrible shock the other day.

Facts to note before I tell you a horrible story…

  1. We have a very large swing top rubbish bin in our kitchen that we have always used, even in a family of seven. Now we are two and one small dog.
  2. The swing top has a very small triangular hole at its base.
  3. Because of fact one, our kitchen bin is not regularly emptied unless it is full.
  4. Our kitchen bin takes a long time to fill.

So, now to my story. Mr Furlong called to me to come and look at the dog’s water bowl which he religiously fills with clean water every morning. I looked. In it were floating some worms that looked like maggots to me. They must have come from the dog.

So after researching on the Internet, I discovered images of Tapeworm eggs that looked white and small, floating in dog bowls. Not quite the same, but hey, I educated myself on tapeworms. They life cycle with fleas. I have never seen a flea, flea egg or tapeworm section anywhere in our house, nor on the dog. I should know, because Bass, the dog, is regularly flea-combed by me. It’s his ‘treat’.

Nevertheless, Mr Furlong raced down to the vet and collected Tape Worm treatment.

Meanwhile I researched more on what white worms could come out of a dogs mouth. I discovered that, in hot weather, Bluebottle flies and other fly relations, lay their eggs around rabbit burrows where they await for an unsuspecting bunny to pass by. They can cling on and enter through bunny body apertures , where they feast and grow, selfishly killing their host if necessary.

Dogs who chase rabbits can get maggot infestations too. There is a warning not to let dogs hunt in the Summer.

Bass is a rabbit hunter, though he never catches one. But I imagine he sticks his snout down a hole and pants with disappointment when he misses, which is always.

Could Bass be infected with bunny burrow maggots that are in his mouth? It can be fatal for dogs. Mr Furlong and I were horrified.

Within seconds of changing the maggoty water in Bass’s bowl, Mr Fulong discovers another three white maggots in the new water. (note the change to the present tense which implies stress and tension).

Mrs Furlong enters the kitchen and confirms Mr Furlong’s dreadful discovery.

These things in the bowl, look like maggots to Mrs Furlong. Mrs Furlong is highly intelligent. She notes three things.

  1. The kitchen bin is full.
  2. The kitchen bin has a small triangular hole where the swing lid meets the rim.
  3. The dog’s bowl is directly under the bin and the hole.

Mrs Furlong puts on rubber gloves and she and her husband unpack the bin, piece by piece. It is a horrible job. But LOOK!, right near the bottom, they find a seething mass of maggots. Some have obviously crawled up, and up, over and out. And done a high dive into the water bowl below!

Are you revolted?


Were we revolted?


We were ecstatic!


The Angel of Light

I had a visitation.

It happened like this.

Remember “Bells and Whistles? Bells and Whistles is the laptop computer I swapped for my very nice 14” Chromebook. It has everything about it that is sleek and beautiful, and completely impracticle. I’ve had to stick stickers on the keys so that I can actually see them. The screen is like a mirror. I don’t like it.

So I rarely use it.

It has sat in a corner for weeks.

Last night I thought I’d resurrect it and watch a movie on it for that is what it doeas the best. But, no matter how I opened and closed it, it would not start.

Well, not working computers are my source of pleasureable self torture. I HAVE to fix them. Or at least find a reason for their problem. So I spent all last night researching why this particular Asus would not wake up. Chromebooks start immediately as you open the clamshell.

It was late, but I saw a possible solution, which I noted mentally, and decided to try in the morning. I had to hold a button down for at least a full minute and then re attatch the power cable. But I went to sleep instead.

In the middle of the dark night, I shuffled to the loo.

On the way back, I held the designated button down on Bells and Whistles as I passed it parked at the foot of my bed waiting for the morning. A full minute. Thats a long time in the middle of the night.I timed a minute. I re attached power. And leapt back into bed.

Some time later, I woke with a start.

The Angel of Light had entered my bedroom!

I thought Mr Furlong had turned on my light, but no!

There in all her glory, was Bells and Whistles alive and well, and working.

I shut her down and we both slept soundly for the rest of the night.

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Blood Sugar on Carnivore

Very shortly, I will have been on the carnivore diet for six months.

Six months!

Am I bored with it?


There are many different animal products to eat – mussells, prawns, fish, steak, roasts, eggs, and all that. Every meal is different for me. I cook for myself. Mr Furlong cooks his own meals.

Mr Furlong is on a low carb diet. The change in him is remarkable! His weight is normal, his blood sugar is almost normal (well pre-diabetic). And he is shortly going to stop his insulin injections which he has had to do for many years. Over the months he has reduced his insulin to a miniscule level.

His food looks more interesting than mine and his blood sugars are better.

My blood sugar fell from “diabetic” to “pre-diabetic” according to my hba1c test recently done and the Nurse was ‘pleased’ with me. She is the diabetic nurse that told me to go home and “do a low carb diet”. So I did. Carnivore is a “no carb diet”.

I have followed Carnivore religiously – never slipped once. My pain levels are greatly improved, my mood is noticeably more optimistic, I feel great!

Except my blood sugar tests high constanly. Night, day, morning, evening, before and after meals it measures 8.00 mmol or round about. I can’t be bothered to test anymore.

THAT is boring.

I have searched for an answer on the Internet, but, it seems there is none. The WHY it happens on Carnivore is not known. But it does. The HOW, is pretty clear. My body is making its own blood sugar – its called gluconeogenesis.

I’d like it to stop.

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Getting comfortable

Some days settling down for bed is easy peasy. I simply jump into my bed pull the covers over my head, adjust my position hugging my huggy pillow and I’m asleep.

But now and again I hit a bad night. I cannot seem to get comfortable. It goes like this.

There is something tickling my nose, so I have to scratch that. I just settle again, but I can feel a hair across my eyelashes, so I have to find it and remove it. I just settle after having done both those things, and I have an itch at the back of my knee, which needs scratching. That means I have got to sort out the huggy pillow, which has moved position and is now not comfortable.

So I start again – I pull thecovers over my head, adjust my position hugging my huggy pillow, and find the head pillow has moved and is not tucked into my neck. So I adjust. Something is tickling my nose, a hair? I have to find it. Now the thickness of the duvet is blocking my breathing, or rather, I can feel my breath being reflected back at me. I hate that. So I adjust the covers.

That moves the huggy pillow, or it has fallen out of bed.

As soon as I think I am comfortable, my wrist aches, or my shoulder feels wrong, so I ajust. Sleep might come.

But no! I seem to have that damn hair stuck on my lip. I have to find it. Light on, sit up. Search. Found it!

I lie down again, turn off the lamp, pull covers over my head, adjust my position hugging my huggy pillow and get ready to asleep.


there is something tickling my nose, so I have to scratch that. I just settle again, but I can feel a hair across my eyelashes again, so I have to find it and remove it. I just settle after having done both those things, and I have an itch at the back of my elbow, that needs scratching. Now I have got to sort out the huggy pillow, which has moved position and is not comfortable. Or missing.

The huggy pillow often leaps of of bed and lands on the floor, where it hides in the dark until I sit up, turn on the bedside lamp and look for it. It has a silk cover which is deliciously delightful to hug, but somewhat slithery.

I try again having retrieved huggy pillow, pull the covers over my head, adjust my position hugging my huggy pillow again and wait for sleep.




We are wise to each have our own bedrooms to avoid divorce,



Mr Furlong has no idea of the night activity he is missing. Mr Furlong always falls asleep in an instant, immediately, forthwith, on demand, tout suite. He has no idea how lucky he is.



“Most experts agree that blogging two to four times per week is the best way to see increased traction from your content. This equates to somewhere around eleven to sixteen posts a month, depending on how set you are on the actual times per week you post new content.”

Ha de ha de ha ha.

Evidently WordPress ‘reminds’ you to post a blog. I’ve never found those settings (under General they say).

So today, I’m going to pull my socks up.

I shall set reminders on my Google Calendar.

Trouble is, if I set a reminder for Mondays and Thursdays, there are three days between one and four days between another. My readers might become completely fatigued!

When you are old the days seem to fly past, and the weeks too. Each of my days consist of assessing my pain level first, and then doing something to alleviate it. Those things are exercise, which now have become part of my life. I have incorporated them into all of my activities. Waiting for the kettle to boil is one stretching exercise, getting up from the toilet or chair without hanging on to anything another. Cleaning my teeth is a stretch and balance exercise, emptying our robot vacuum is a bending and standing exercise.

Then there is Mr Wobbles, my vibration plate, which I stand on three times a week at 30hz. and on the other days I simply wobble my feet and legs whilst sitting on my bed. I occasional use exercise bands, lift arm weights, dance around to some nice music. Exercise helps.

A friend brought gifts. I now have Nordic walking poles. Trouble is you have to learn how to use them, and actually being able to stride is part of it. Striding is a bit advanced for me at the moment.

I also have a wonderful lead for taking Bass, the dog, walking. It attaches around my waist, so my hands are free to clutch onto my walking stick. (or Nordic walking poles)

It is six months of Carnivore diet now. I feel great in every way. My pain level is much reduced, my blood sugar has fallen so I am now ‘pre diabetic’ again. And the diabetic nurse left a message to say she was pleased and I had done well.

She is phoning today at 2:00pm. I am looking forward to some praise.

Praise is so nice, don’t you think?


The Healthy (not) Plate

Years ago, when Mr Furlong was sent to a nutritionist to learn about what to eat for his diabetes, the UK and indeed most countries had what they called “The Healthy Plate”. The Healthy Plate is not suitable for humans, diabetic or not.

These images were what were meant to inform the public about what to eat, and soon the mantra “Eat five a day”(fruits and vegetables) followed.

Since then, millions of people have found out The Healthy Plate is not healthy and eating “five a day” is a load of bolony.

In March, I started a Carnivore diet for three reasons. To relieve my pain and to improve my osteoporosis. And deal with type two diabetes that I cycle in and out of.

I’m almost six months into Carnivore – eating only animal products and plenty of fat.

I feel best ever, but this is a long term experiment. I’m also ‘working out’ as they say and my Vibration Plate is going to be a really great help to my adventure.

Mr Furlong, who has had the worst diabetes and horrid medical adventures, is now doing a Low Carb Diet. The results have been astonishing. He is very shortly going off his insulin. Another insulin customer less for Big Pharma. No wonder they promote The Healthy Plate.

If people eat a proper human diet, it would save our NHS billions. I think The Healthy Plate might be tossed in the trash soon, Science has no proof it’s healthy at all, however all the anecdata is telling them it’s not.

The diabetic nurse at our surgery told me to follow a low carb diet when I last saw her. She did not mention The Healthy Plate. She KNOWS! So I have been no carb now for six months.. I’m waiting for my Hba1c test which will be back next week.

Here is The Healthy Plate.

Do not eat like this….it’s harmful to your health….


Vibration Plate

New technology enters the Furlong Home.

I ordered a Vibration Plate.

Dripex Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, Whole Body Workout Fitness Vibration Plate, Vibration Power Plate with Resistance Bands,Slim Vibration Platform for Home Training & Shaping,99 Levels

I am quite terrified of it!

So I have to make friends with it. It might become a good friend. He is a He, I think. ‘Mr Wobblyman’

I have done a huge amount of research into these things. 30hz is the frequency that has the greatest benefit for Osteoperosis. This one can be set to the frequency (of oscilation per second) that you want. And also the length of time of your session.

It is good for other physical problems I have too.

Well, it might be if I had the courage to step on it!

Today, before my walk which is always something that I dread because the first 100 yds is excruciating, I stood on Mr Wobblyman for 1.5 minutes – yes one and a half minutes – at 30hz. I read they can be used to warm up before excercise. I rekon the first excruciating 100 yds is because I am warming up. By the time I get around the corner at the end of our road, I can stand up straight and feel more comfortable.

I stood on Mr Wobblyman  for 1.5 minutes – yes one and a half minutes –  at 30hz. And, guess what?

I stood up straight right at our front door!

I’ll try that again tomorrow when I have got over the shock.


Bells and Whistles and Baby

There’s been another change in my computer situation.

In my last few posts I have recounted the story of the Chromebooks.

I’ve never used a Chromebook but I’ve ordered one for somebody else which is called from here on “Bells and Whistles”. “Bells and Whistles” is a horrible device which I swapped for my very nice simple, plain (cheap – £100 discount) Chromebook. I felt guilty that somebody else had to suffer the failings of me buying “Bells and Whistle” in my ignorance of the practicality of it.

“Bells and Whistles” only has one redeaming attribute. It is beautiful.

It folds, it stands, it performs acrobatics. It is a vision in silver.

Thats all.

The screen is like mirrored glass. The keyboard invisible except in total darkness when the backlight is so blinding one needs dark glasses to view it.

“Bells and Whistles” and I have a situation developing. I am not going to put up with her. I have ordered keyboard stickers in black with white writing large enough that I can see and I will find a screen coating or cover that will stop the shine and reflections. Her beauty is going to be defiled.

Tough shit.

My last post explained I ordered yet ANOTHER Chromebook. I was expecting it that day. The new Chromebook is called “Baby”.

“Baby” has had adventures already. She was delivered late. Five days late. Somehow, in ways that the delivery company cannot explain, she ended up in the Hebridies, not joking. And her cardboard box was squashed, caved in and re-taped. The guy producing “Baby” at the door, apologised to Mr Furlong and made him sign for her.

I am pleased to announce that “Baby”, despite her difficult delivery, works just fine! She has no bells or whistles, nor is she beautiful.

But to me, at 11.6″, Black and white keyboard with no backlight nor glassy screen, she is simply lovely!

I wrote this post on her today.