The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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The Furlongs are forced to exercise by the dog.  Continue reading



Christmas wishes

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Trouble in Bethlehem

There was trouble in Bethlehem when a sheep suddenly kidnapped Baby Jesus and Joseph and a Shepherd had to use some force on the kidnapper…. Continue reading

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In a minor key

Mr Furlong and I have not heard a single carol this year!

So I’m making up for it with this video of carols beautifully sung by Chase Holfelder¬†in a minor key. Enjoy

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The Furlongs are enjoying the Christmas lights on all the houses around us. Some cul de sacs are completely decorated Рevery house on them, with a collection point for charity at the end.  Continue reading


Girl power

Did you know that Santa’s reindeer must be all girls? Continue reading

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A partridge in a shoplifting vest

Our daughter drew our attention today to the shoplifting that goes on in Africa. She sent intriguing videos of the skill on Whatsapp. I can’t find a way to put them here. So I had to resort to YouTube for this post. Continue reading