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What old people do with their time

Have you ever wondered what old people do with their time?

Well, here’s something. Featureman Continue reading

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Yoga and monkeys

People seem to like monkeys.

I don’t know why.

In Africa, we lived with monkeys – Vervets – they were an absolute pain in the arse and, more clearly, a bloody nuisance! Continue reading


Diana, instead of Chloe

My news feed seems to have been stuck on the dreadful experiences of model Chloe Ayling .

But this morning it changed to Diana: In Her Own Words – admirers have nothing to fear from the Channel 4 tapes

Mr furlong and I watched it. Continue reading

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Millennial inspiration video today

I want some upliftment from my slough of depression/bed of pain.

I need to laugh.

Join me! AwakenWithJP Continue reading


We could update our marriage! LGBTQ

According to the news,  Continue reading

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Interesting reddit on rare dog discovery in New Guinea

The Furlong house is dog lover territory. Man’s best friend. Our best friend.

I’ve been exploring the Wild West of reddit – and in ‘new’ today, I found Continue reading


Social justice warriors have been gestating for a long time

Did you think social justice warriors are a new phenomenon?


They aren’t. Continue reading