The Last Furlong

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Chicken Likken – cluck cluck cluck

In the olden days, clucking took much longer to spread around the world. But, with modern technology – it’s pretty speedy. We see it here in the UK. A person says some inconsequential thing, and in a flash, it is transformed into a career crashing faux pas. Or they produce an idea – that becomes a buzzword…. Continue reading


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If you are unhappy with your life, get a Second Life you can be unhappy with too

Many years ago, several computers previously, and when it was just launched, I had a Second Life account. Continue reading

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Getting used to the younger generations

Here is the meditation for today. Continue reading


Letters in a bottle

When I was teaching in the 1980’s. my class wrote letters which were placed in a bottle. Continue reading

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Twiddling the mouse

If you have nothing better to do today, and you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs, you could uplift yourself by watching this GIF. I found it whilst switching phones yesterday. It was the very first GIF image I ever saw way back in the nineties. I still like it! Continue reading

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Looking for a new dog? What about Spot?

If you were looking for a new dog, Spot might be an option.  Continue reading


Today we have a “bit of a do”

Today we are having a family get-together. It is a celebration of three birthdays simultaneously. Continue reading