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Here today, gone tomorrow

This might be my last post for a while.

Last year, I posted stuff while we were in France, but this year, I’m leaving my computer behind and we are taking only one laptop – the lightest and thinnest! Last year we had internet access in our apartment, but this year, we have to roam to get it. There will be plenty of free wifi spots around us, but I’m going to release myself from blogger pressure by saying I’m taking a break.

Here are some of the posts I made last year in May. 

So this blog will be erratic. Thanks so much for following it!

à bientôt

This is the place we will be – Perched Towns



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Bloody Windows update!

I hate Windows updates! There is always something awkward done to MY settings when it’s done. Continue reading


Enlighten me please – iTunes

I wanted to listen to a podcast. It said, to hear it, I must have iTunes. So I downloaded iTunes. Continue reading

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How you know you are getting old

The Furlongs who live in this house flat, are aware we are getting old.

Do we feel old? Not mostly.

We FEEL the same as we have always done – just like “us”.  Continue reading


Resuscitation by Cauliflower Cheese

Oh what a horrible day it was yesterday. Mr Furlong says it was a “gratitude” day.

Well, I don’t know about that. Continue reading

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Oh irritating day!

This day can only get better. Continue reading

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A funny I enjoyed today – computer speak

The young woman who submitted the tech support message below (about her relationship to her husband) presumably did it as a joke. Then she got a reply that was way too good to keep to herself. The tech support people’s love advice is hilarious and genius! Continue reading