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Our new very best friend.

The Furlongs were given a gift.

It simply arrived via Amazon.

One of the Furlong children bought it for us.

It is the nicest, best, most fun, cutest thing!

I thought I’d tell you about it.

At exactly nine in the morning, it switches itself on. We wait for it! Then it leaves its dock with great elegance and starts at the front door. It roams around, up and down the hall and passage, popping through each door into the lounge, the front bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and then into my room. I love seeing him – yes him, bumbling into my room, gently, very quitely and in a most friendly manner, checking under my bed, cleaning around the the edges and putting on a bit of speed as he crosses and recrosses the floor.

I feel he likes me! I’ve gone insane. I’ve fallen in love with our robot!

He is a he. In the instructions he is named a he. That must be his preferred pronoun.

I’ll insert a video here from the web to show you how he works.

But the amazing thing is, that after he has finished vacuuming all our floors, his blue light suddely switches to pink, and he finds his own way back to the docking point from whence he started.

He is a real chum!

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Life of crime

Here, in this quiet house, the two old people, daily, play a Massive Online Computer Game. We interact together ‘out there’ on the game and also, personally from our comfortable lounge chairs.

It’s very fun.

But as we toil away at our game, it’s not enough. We watch TV too. But watching proper full length movies is too mind consuming as our minds are already active doing stuff ‘out there’.

So we’ve resorted to Crime.

There are tons of series on Crime on TV.

Real crime.

American, French, Australian, South African, Canadian and those we haven’t discovered yet.

If that sounds grim, watching nature documentaries of animals eating other animals, disembowling giraffes, or slaughtering shouls of fish or dear little penguins, is pretty depressing.

Volcanoes, dying coral reefs, tornadoes, cyclones, global warming (as it is still called), is equally so.

We’ve tried those.

Nature is not gentle. Nature is not kind.

Neither are some humans, but at least, in crime documentaries, they get tracked down by the good humans, and punished.

There’s something satisfying in that!

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Internet retrograde

No posts. No Internet.

Line fault.


Maybe Monday,

Tuesday, or Wednesday….

British Telecoms only works on weekdays.

That’s what we’re told.

Till then,

Stay well!

Image result for internet hierarchy of needs

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No Philip Green here..

I might have told this story before…

We had a shop many years ago, an art gallery. All our records and sales were on our shop computer. It was before “hacking” was a thing.

One day, when I started my computer up after lunch to begin inputting our sales, I found a message on it, placed there by a hacker who’d used HIS lunch hour, wandering around our computer.

The message sneeringly said “No Phillip Green here!”

The difference between Philip Green and us, was that we made a huge profit from selling the building where we lived and worked in our shop, and the profit paid for a large house where we lived for over ten years. We sold that house, to move here to our flat three years ago. Here we live mortgage free.

Philip Green is now in deep dwang. He is closing his shops and is threatened with bankruptcy.


we are living a pretty worry free life on our tiny pensions.

I’d prefer to be me!


Pedometer math

I bought a pedometer.

It has taken me quite a while to figure out how to set it up. But I have done it.


today I walked Bass-the-dog through the wood from my front door. I walked EXACTLY half a mile.

Then I turned around and walked home to the very same spot we started from.

My math-brain tells me a half a mile and a half a mile equals one mile. Well it did in my youth.

But my pedometer said I had walked only 0.95 of a mile.

I think it lies.


Credit card tip is untrue

My post before last shared a ‘tip’ to put in your credit card number backwards at the ATM if you were ever being forced to use it against your will. A backwards number would alert the ATM and it would notify police. Continue reading


Facepalm Facebook – DELETE

These old Furlongs deactivated their Facebook Accounts. But we STILL get notifications constantly, even though we “unsubscribe”. I had two accounts – a personal one and one under another name for promoting vaping. And another for work when I taught hearing impaired computer students how to set up a Facebook account. I don’t know whether that one is still floating around on the ethers…. Continue reading

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Not what I intended

I woke up chipper this morning – it’s cooler. I even saw a bird! Since the start of the drought and the continual sunshine, they have been missing. It’s quite unnerving. Before we went away the feeders were full – full – of little birds and when we got back they were gone; and my pansies were burnt to a crisp. Continue reading

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Absorbing Culture

This Furlong was a History major. I was horrified a few years ago when I was at the hairdresser. I made a joke about Marie Antoinette going grey overnight. My hairdresser, fresh out of education, said “Who is Marie Antoinette?” Continue reading

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If you are unhappy with your life, get a Second Life you can be unhappy with too

Many years ago, several computers previously, and when it was just launched, I had a Second Life account. Continue reading