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Fairy stories for dogs

A while back, Bass-the-dog and I met The Pie Piper.

Today, we met him again. Only this time, the man was throwing the pie packaging into the bin and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

The Pie Piper is a scary looking fellow. He had a checked lumberjack shirt on and the same big boots. Bass loves him. But obviously we met at the end of his meal and there were no crumbs for Bass.

But wait!

All the way along the path home Bass was eating flakes of pastry, crusts and tidbits that had fallen on the Pie Piper’s walk to the bin.

The Pie Piper is a messy eater, obviously.

I think today he’d swapped fairy tales and was Hansel from Hansel and Gretel.


Type two diabetes – my results from my Carnivore experiment

This is the last time I will bore my readers with my diabetes blood sugar.

I have been on a Carnivore diet for all this month. Before that, I was already on a low carb, ketogenic diet. I fast from supper to noon the next day when I have lunch. I think that makes switching easier…..The day after I started only eating meat and animal products and no carbs, my blood sugars dropped from 8 plus mmol, 9 plus mmol and sometimes more on every test, to 6.5 mmol. I was impressed.

But then after time, I got readings on my monitor in the 5 mmol region.

Side effects from switching to Carnivore, are headaches in the beginning, and physical weakness. But eventually, my mood shifted, my energy returned. I am feeling the best I have felt for a long time. My old age depression has lifted, and I’ve even started gardening again.

Yesterday, my reading on my monitor, was 4.9 mmol.


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Type two diabetes, carnivore

My last post was on the success of the carnivore diet in reducing my blood sugar, immediately, after my first day. My post had a lot of views, so I thought I should give an update to the Type two’s reading it.

But the change has side effects. I got headaches for two days. I felt weak on my walks. After a day or two, I lost all my vigour. But one afternoon, after a weak walk, I suddenly felt different – sharp in the head, optimistic, energetic. And I have been so for several days.

I shifted into proper ketosis. I feel great.

I’m wondering if I’ll lose muscle mass? I’m thinking of gradually introducing different foods. First only animal foods, and later, to see what exactly gives me high sugar readings even when I’m eating a “well balanced” diet. I cannot eat as much as the carnivores say you should. And you must drink water. I’ve always had a small appetite.

Please look up the carnivore diet on the Internet. It’s not me promoting it. I’m simply reporting what happened to my stubborn blood sugar on it. My blood sugar reading averages about 6 mmol and sometimes drops into 5+mmol

And that’s a bloody miracle!


It’s a puzzlement – blood sugar

Mr Furlong is diabetic. He controls his blood sugar with a minuscule amount of insulin and diet. He tried “The Starch Solution” which is contrary to any advice by any mainstream dietary guidance. He eats carbohydrates!

He eats potatoes, pasta, vegetables, pitta breads and oats, rice and home cooked foods. He does not eat commercial stuff. His blood sugars are brilliant and over the last eighteen months he has lost eighteen kilos.

I used to be a peripheral diabetic that orbited in and out of diabetes. I found “The Starch Solution” and used it for a year. It is “no fats” food and my hair and nails got brittle because of a lack of B12. So I dumped it. But on it, my blood sugar was good.

In January, I was OK. Since then, I’ve gone to pot! I’ve been on Paleo and Keto since then, both of which I’ve tried before. If I don’t get on top of this blood sugar thing, I’m going to be classified a real diabetic.

For three days, I’ve dropped protein/meat/eggs/fish etc. I’ve upped the carbs. Hey presto! My sugar has dropped to January levels.

I might join Mr Furlong and munch potatoes and pasta. But this time I’m adding olive oils and coconut oil, as he does, and take some B12.

Blood sugars? They’re a puzzlement.


Wow, I saw an endangered species..

While on my walk yesterday along the canal path, I came apon an endangered species.

Or rather, they came apon me.

I’ve seen one or two of these creatures before, but never out on the streets. Or rather, in this case, the canal path.

I got a bit jumpy. For several days now, I’ve been picking blackberries. I hate to see good food go to waste. A doggie bag is an excellent blackberry picking receptical. So I was pretty packed with berries.

Anyway, I saw these creatures bearing down on me, and I hoped that the new stop and search regulations hadn’t arrived in our town yet. I don’t know if here, in the UK, you are allowed to help yourself to blackberries. Here, there are VERY strange laws, like picking wild flowers is illegal.

However, these two policewomen, all smart and official in their snappy uniforms and hats, and reflective yellow jackets, passed me calling out ” Good morning, everything all right here?”

Can you believe that?

I almost collapsed into the blackberries in my shock, and utter amazement.

These creatures actually exist, it’s only that we never see them here.


What lies!

At the end of April, I wrote a sign for myself and taped it on the goodie cupboard door in the kitchen.

In that cupboard are things like peanut butter, biscuits, lemon curd and Nuttella. Also the cupboard is in the middle of that wall. Obvious. Plain to see. Noticeable.

The sign says ” Liz is on diet”.

Liz said that to herself because she has put on a few kilos and her blood sugar readings have increased this year. Mr Furlong didn’t need a sign. He is maintaining everything perfectly. And the sign was supposed to be read by the two of us, so that the thin one could emotionally support the overweight one.

The sign was supposed to be read everyday, but we don’t notice it at all. Mr Furlong still brings me treats, or suggests fiendish foods.

I’ve just weighed myself.

My weight is UP.

Since I’ve been “on diet” it’s always up, never down.

That sign is a lie!

I’m taking it down.

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Tulip petals and dogs

On our walk today, I was on a poo watch.

The reasons were twofold.

We have changed Bass’s food and (two) he’s been wanting to eat grass.

So I thought to check how he was going on the poo front.

I am pleased to report, his poo looks good and healthy, (and so does he) except for the two tulip petals I found in it.

Outside our back door, a few days ago, I placed a vase of tulips that I’ve been meaning to chuck into our green garden waste bin. They are a very unique colour. And I found two petals in the poo.

Did you know dogs eat tulips?

Well, they do!

In fact, I have discovered that almost every flower on THIS LIST of toxic flowers, grows in OUR garden…..


Impatience leads to choking and fire

So I’m really impatient. Impatience causes choking and fires in the Furlong house.

Mr Furlong has had enough of me about the fires, and he couldn’t help me when I was choking.

I was eating my lunch: delicious lunch of Oatcakes and Mr Furlong’s real Anchovy paste, topped with sliced tomato and Mr Furlong’s real Nando’s sauce. Yum! So I breathed a crumb down the wrong way. But instead of waiting for the choke that ensued to stop, I chomped another mouthful and breathed in to cough. Well, that caused the worst choke I have ever had in my life. I really should have waited to finish my choke before stuffing my face with more….

The fires are caused by a faulty stove/cooker. Well, it frustrates me, anyway. The plate takes AGES to get hot. So I chuck a little coconut oil in a pan and put it on the plate (turned to full power) and then go and do something useful instead of standing in the kitchen, picking my nose, waiting for the frying pan to heat up.

This causes problems.

I forget.

I remember when I hear Mr Furlong yelling “fire”.

The subsequent scene is not nice.

I must remember not to be impatient, I must remember not to be impatient, I must remember not to be impatient, I must remember not to be impatient, I must remember not to be impatient, I must remember not to be impatient,


The Furlong brands

We have just had to endure advertising on the TV.

For insurance.

For motor cars.

For perfume.

For shampoo.

For furniture.

For food.

For clothes

The brands we use are:-

The cheapest car and house insurance.

Our old Chrysler PT cruiser from sixteen years ago, still the most comfortable drive ever.

Our perfume is none.

Our shampoo is I dunno. I’ll have to look.

Our furniture is inherited, bought in charity shops, or passed on via Freegle.

Our food is home made, even our Nando’s sauce, except for naughty stuff like chocolate. We do buy coffee and mayonnaise and sardines ‘n stuff.

Our clothes come from “The House of Threadbare” generally.

We don’t need anything they advertise on TV. We’ve got everything we need, just the way we like it.


Sharing our dog’s bacteria

People who own dogs have an advantage in the happiness arena. Dogs can be used for healing, diagnosis, caring. I think dogs are wonderful!

But then I’m a dog lover.

Our dog Bass and us, now share bacteria too. Helpful bacteria.

Like humans, dogs have a distinctive microbiome across their body sites, with different bacteria present in the mouth, in the digestive system, and on the skin. Canine microbiomes are highly diverse, with the most diversity concentrated around their noses (think of your dog’s nuzzles as a microbiome boost).

Children living in houses with dogs have less asthma and allergies.The same applies to adults.

Dogs and humans’ gut bacteria are much closer than any other two animals and that’s probably because we have evolved together for so long.

You make sure to take good care of your dog’s health—but did you know that your dog’s microbiome could have a positive impact on your health, too?

There’s increasing evidence showing that bacteria from a dog’s microbiome may boost a human’s immune system.

Here is the link to the article I have quoted .

As I read about our connection with dogs I find that because we have such similar gut biomes, my diet should work on our dog Bass. He’s putting on weight on a cereal only eye wateringly expensive kibble. He’s  not a big eater, so it can’t be the quantity, it must be the carbs!

We are sharing all sorts of things. Love. Exercise. Training. Germs. I might as well share my diet too. Scrap the kibble! Maybe real meat and cucumber will do….