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Disgusting shenanigans in Parliament – shame on you

Today our Prime Minister told his opposition leader who is in the middle of a coup against him that it was not in the “National Interest” for him to stay in his post but to go – GO. Continue reading

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Chicken Licken – a good political comment

Oh the UK is full of Chicken Lickens at the moment!

They are all “tools” for someone else’s gain!

I prefer the story with the bad end as I’m the eternal political cynic. Brighten your day by the re telling of an old, old story.  Continue reading

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I loved this post on Last Ditch – O Frabjous Day!

I cannot re-blog this because this is not a WordPress Blog, but I really enjoyed O Frabjous Day  on The Last Ditch Blog. Recommended.  Continue reading

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Get Away? Got Away!

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It’s THE day today

Today is voting day for the UK on whether we want to leave the European Union. It’s a historic day. Continue reading


Weep, laugh, fear

Snippets from today’s online browsings to make you weep, laugh, fear

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If you think we’ve gone over the top about Jo Cox’s sad death, do you remember Anna Lindh?

Somehow I am revolted by the political “concocted” grief about Jo Cox. They are making a real meal of a horrible tragedy.

Most people’s grief comes without fanfare. Ordinary people are not remembered with state recalling Parliament. Ordinary people have given their lives for our country too, or lost them during attacks of hate. Why are we making such efforts to make a saint out of an ordinary person like Jo Cox? My cynicism suggests to me her death just happens to be convenient to use to further the Government political campaign.

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Fascist poster that encourages violence – can anyone explain?

Here is the poster that is “fascist” and encourages “violence”. And there is Nigel Farage who gets all the crap thrown at him, standing next to it.

So I ask myself what this poster said to me when I looked at it. Continue reading

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More cloudier, more windier

What has gone wrong with English on the BBC?

Weather report for today – quote “More windier and more cloudier” they said.

MORE windier?

MORE cloudier?

I think English as it was once spoken, is more deader than I’ve ever heard it before!

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Ugly antics by Remain trigger hate

The Furlongs are Leavers. We always have been. And because I love following politics, we have watched the antics of Leave and Remain, very carefully. I was pleased to watch the dignity and restraint exhibited in all the TV debates we’ve watched so far by the Leave representatives in the face of personal attacks and hate speech practised by Remain representatives. Continue reading