The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Cheating little sods!

MYTH: Birds mate for life

Some birds stay together for more than one breeding season, or perhaps until one of the pair dies. However, DNA analyses have revealed that many birds once thought to be strictly monogamous may actually have “cheated” on their partners by mating with others. Continue reading


The Reshuffle – people prepared to go down on a sinking ship

This month, I watched live as the reshuffle happened in David Cameron’s government. I CANNOT understand why reshuffles happen. Why change people’s jobs in government so they can be more incompetent than they already are? Continue reading

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Pseudo science biology question

I found an old archived article from the FDA Consumer magazine (September 1995)

I have been reading about resistance to antibiotics. I remember reading a while back about resistances found in deepest darkest Africa, and so I asked myself the question – how do resistant bacteria develop in places where anti biotics have hardly been used. Continue reading

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Harvest mite hell and solution

On Sunday, the Furlong family collected for a picnic celebration. It was hot and sunny. A really lovely English summer day. Our wooden picnic table was one permanently affixed in a shady place next to a small forest enclosed in a  wooden railing. Continue reading

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You’ve been framed classic falling down the trapdoor

We often watch You’ve been Framed. With great regularity we see the woman falling down trapdoor.
This was uploaded to the then reasonably new You Tube in 2007. I thought I had read somewhere that she severely injured herself – I feel horrid that we are still laughing. Continue reading



The way we sculpt health is astonishing.  When the safe measure of cholesterol was lowered in the USA to include previously healthy people, the sales of Statins shot up from being used by 16 million to 37 million people. Continue reading

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Anti-bacterial soap is a con. Recently, it was shown on TV that under UV light. the effect of washing hands with anti bacterial soap, was identical to using plain old soap. Continue reading

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The illusion of knowledge

We live in an age of illusion. The illusion is, that with science we know everything – well, we know a lot, and because we are expert and science led, we believe that our knowledge is right – specially our knowledge on lifestyle and diet. Continue reading

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The nest

I felt really bad on pruning a bush in the garden. I exposed a nest. Continue reading


1947 for smokers who loved smoking

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article written in 1947 before the guilt and the shame of anti smoking social engineering occurred. Continue reading