The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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British understatement in the garden – Busy Lizzies

Twenty years ago, when this Furlong arrived in the UK, I could not quite put my finger on the weirdness of the British. Continue reading



The Furlong’s now dead dog’s whisker

This morning I went through some emotional pain. Continue reading

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The importance of a Nana

I had a most strange upbringing.  Continue reading

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Today we went to town to a little restaurant that sells THE most delicious coffee (in small cups) with iced water on the side. Continue reading

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Margaret O’Brien

Our parents bought Margaret O’Brien dolls for us in America. Or probably it was just our mother that chose them. Continue reading

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Is your cervix cold?

God knows why this came to mind this morning. But it might be because I was talking to someone about learning English. I taught English to Africans for several years. English is not easy to teach as a foreign language.  Continue reading

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Autism Training

The Furlongs have members of the family that are on the Autism Spectrum. In fact this Furlong wonders if she isn’t Autistic too. Continue reading