The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.


Fascinating death

The Furlong family in general have never had to care for dying people for months or even years. The Furlong family ancestors mostly shut up shop quickly and considerately.  Us old Furlongs believe in finishing your business before you die and giving your permission to the dying that dying is ok – we all do it! Continue reading


Hey – you!

I woke this morning thinking of “friends”. I don’t seem to have many. Or rather, we have all drifted away from each other. I suddenly realised I am the one that keeps the connection (no matter how fragile) goingContinue reading


Ready steady go

We are off to France in two days time.

We have packed.  Continue reading

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Bloody Windows update!

I hate Windows updates! There is always something awkward done to MY settings when it’s done. Continue reading

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The Furlong dog’s best friend has had a bad accident

The Furlong dog  is called Bobby. He’s an old chap – just turned 12 this April. As far as we know he only has one best friend. His friend is the Furlong daughter’s dog. They spend happy hours together in perfect peace and harmony. Continue reading

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I bet you’ve never seen this photo before

Here is a photo I don’t think you’ve ever seen before. I haven’t.

It made me sad. Continue reading


The finding and killing of the beast

Yesterday the Furlongs killed the beast.

If you follow this blog, you will know that our new house flat is a place where, recently, we have been tormented by an alarm going off at exactly 3:30pm daily. We have been hunting the beast every day with no success. Continue reading