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Nicotine, amazing stuff

Nicotine is amazing stuff. Tobacco Control have demonised it for years, so most people think of it as a terrible poison. But now, it is being set free. Continue reading


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How did we live then

Once upon a time there was no benefits safety net for people on hard times – only charities that were doing good works for the poor. Continue reading

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Reaction or response

I have a little thing that I am sensitive to.

What happened to the word “response”. Continue reading

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Cheap prawns dammit

Mr Furlong and I love eating prawns.

We had five children. Eating prawns was not what we often ate. But living in Africa, when we did eat them – on very special occasions – the prawns were huge. They came from Mozambique. Continue reading

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Village Grapevine

We live in what I’d call a village, but what the locals call a “market town”. It was granted the title in the very early middle ages and people are proud of it. Continue reading

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Saving the National Health Service money

Mr Cameron, if you really need to save money for the NHS which I believe is running a couple of millions – or is that billions – short, why not simply close down the Tobacco Control aspect of it. Continue reading

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Steam Punk

I love the steam punk look! Mr Furlong tells me he likes it too. The Sunday Politics Show on BBC has wonderful steam punk visuals on it. Continue reading