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Comments on the race of life.

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The imaginary Max

Today we looked after our granddaughter who’s only three.  Continue reading

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On being right

A Furlong daughter popped in for coffee yesterday.

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Some amazing young people

I get quite depressed about music currently. The old melodic music I knew and loved seems to have disappeared, and we are left with cacophony on four notes. Continue reading


I’ve done this silly thing TWICE

In my forties, I got my age wrong. I thought I was turning a year older than I was. It was only when I mentioned how old I was to my mother that she pointed out I was year younger. I MADE a year! It seemed like a nice birthday gift. Continue reading


A rich man lives in an empty room

For many years, Mr Furlong and I ran an Art Gallery. We bought a collection of originals that pleased us over the years. When we moved to our ‘new’ downsized abode we distributed most of our pictures around the Furlong family. I never dreamed we would be buying another piece. Continue reading

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Terrify yourself

Here is a frightening meditation for today….

If this little video doesn’t terrify you, then I don’t know what will!

Think on it. Continue reading


The sandwich mystery

Both Mr Furlong and I grew up in Africa. Winter and summer we took sandwiches to school in our lunch boxes. Sometimes in summer it was in days (many days) of 38 to 40 degrees of heat. Our lunchboxes remained in our suitcases till lunch time and then we opened our lunch boxes and ATE the sandwiches. No one died. No one got sick. We all lived. Continue reading


Pretty as a picture

Mr Furlong is a clever picture framer. It was his business.

Look what he did! Continue reading

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So much stuff

I am sorting videos and pictures on my computer: interesting stuff to me – a record of the Furlong Family’s life. Continue reading

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Going melancholic

This Furlong has been bad about blogging here. She’s been melancholic. Well, say, maybe, wistful and pensive too.

Even overcome by memories? Continue reading