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If it’s nearly your birthday, stop and think TWICE!

You know how things that you heard or read years ago, stick in your mind?

Well years ago I read an article which said that starting about forty two days before a birthday, you need to be careful of the decisions you take because people go into a destruction cycle and ‘reorganise’ for the next year that is coming apon them. So they do daft things clearing away the old to get ready for the new. Many significant things happen just before your birthday. Some of them aren’t nice but you actually brought them apon yourself through changes you made.

At the time of learning that ‘fact’, which I never knew, I found many significant things that had happened to me just before my birthday. So the idea embedded deep. I had ‘proved’ it to myself. When you are young, significant things are exciting. When you are old, you want to avoid them at all costs!

So, I avoid doing anything at all decision-wise just before my birthday.

Today, I was going to write a post on another blog I have, a post that I’d have to actually think carefully about, but I didn’t write it. I got side tracked looking at the ‘stats’ on it. I have several blogs. And the stats are remarkably different. My blogs are for me, really, a way to let off steam, share ideas with a faceless few or practise being lucid. Mental excercise really. Fending off dementia if that’s possible.

So that got me thinking about THIS blog. THIS blog, in my head, is classified as quick, superficial, fun, light hearted, no-particular topic about two old people, the ‘Furlongs’. I called it The Last Furlong because I knew and loved Majory Owens art. Her piece called The Last Furlong (heading image), inspired me daily as I used to see it on our stairs. It represented to me how all of us are always on the last furlong of our lives. Every action that we do, or even try to do, has a last furlong element to it, that last effort, before the end, before completion.

Every day is a personal ‘Last Furlong’ in some way.

This blog has the least followers. But the most comments. And, now, many thousands of views. It occurred to me to add an ‘s’ to the title, making it The Last Furlongs, because it’s just about Mr Furlong and me. But of course Mr Furlong is ACTUALLY the last male of his name. He IS the last. I think people think this blog is about horse racing.

Adding an ‘s’? The Last Furlong’s’?

No, I’m not going to do that today because I’m in the dangerous phase of my year.

I’m in the dreaded forty two days!


We’ll meet again

Vera Lynn has died. She was a wonderful performer of the most tear jerking songs in a time when most people were dealing with shock, horror and grief.

She was 103.

Thats a good age. We heard her singing quite recently and she wasn’t half bad. No quavering wobbly voice. She still ‘had it’ as they say.

Even now, her songs will make people with any nouce of history tear up.

Maybe her songs helped win the war, the war that the white priviledged fought, so that all people could have freedom, whatever their race or colour.

Young people dont know her. The reference in the Queens speech about lockdown to ‘we’ll meet again’ probably went over their heads. But us oldies knew. Us oldies know that ‘we’ll meet again’ means much more than the end of lockdown.

We’ll meet again means profound things, love, commitment, patience, hope, community, resolve, determination, faith, optimism, and implications of the eternal.

Thank you Vera Lynn.

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Lockdown Boogie

Mr Furlong and I enjoy Boogie.

It’s uplifting in these dreary times.

Be uplifted too….its good for the immune system!

This was produced at the beginning of isolation by Chris Conz from Switzerland with Boogie-Woogie piano players from all over the world, doing their thing, ALONE yet TOGETHER! 🎹

Conz has a great channel called International Boogie Nights


Dog responses to you…

This cartoon was supposed to show that dog thoughts are constantly innane. But actually, it shows better how our dogs respond to us when we are happy, depressed, angry, pensive, excited or suicidal They are wonderful companions, reliably loving… all circumstances.

This is why I love dogs. You can rely on them to be uplifting whatever your circumstances……

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Remember Jesus Loves Me?

Remember Jesus Loves Me?

Ok – so here is the meditation for today Jesus Loves Me… in Jazz by the brilliant young Yohan Kim….I hope you like jazz as much as I do….

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How it could have been, but wasn’t

Here is our Qui Gong routine from last night.

The Furlongs were in a school hall. There was no fantastic sea nor massive cliffs, nor boulders. Nor was there a tranquil blue sky. It was raining again. There was no gentle breeze, nor passing yachts.

We wore any old clothes. Our hair is not long enough for a bun. It’s hardly thick enough either. Our grace was not so graceful. Our hands not so elegant. One of us is disabled. Our skin is white and wrinkled; our feet were bare.

And they hardly left the ground!

Here is what it could have been…

But wasn’t.

The meditation for today…

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Christmas Wishes

Thank you for following me!

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The very clever Nina Paley

I have posted Nina Paley’s art before. I am such a fan!

Here is her latest clip from the Exodus video. A meditation for today….

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We have had no sun for days. The days are like night. I have resorted to illuminating my orchids with my Morpheus Mood light! It changes from colour to colour – in frequencies I’m sure our orchids appreciate.

Well, they aren’t dead yet.

Colour is beautiful.  Here is a meditation for today. 

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My Art 2016

In order to get these pictures filed on “My Art” page I had to upload them in a post first – what a bother! If you hover your pointer over them, you will see my original title.

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