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Resuscitation by Cauliflower Cheese


Oh what a horrible day it was yesterday. Mr Furlong says it was a “gratitude” day.

Well, I don’t know about that.

There is no central heating for a third day today, with the anticipation of many similar days into the future. The repair man is busy. It’s cold.

The Internet connection was down for two hours the previous night and the night before that, and last night it crashed all night – tickets, kapoof, zero, finito, zilch.

It has taken many hours to find the problem – in vain. Many many hours resetting the router and trying another. And wasting the day. But it’s not US. Strange that our Internet only crashes at Peak Times don’t you think?

Our mobile phones went down too because the router has a new password.

Whatsapp went bananas. I had to back-up and re-install. I’m sick of things not working. I love the technology but hate it when it goes wrong.

Things did settle down yesterday. The Internet crashed completely!

But today it’s back on. Today we have the greenhouse heater on in our lounge. It roars to life when the thermostat starts it. So we aren’t that cold.

The flat doesn’t leak. We have electricity and hot water. We are not hungry. There are lots  of things to be grateful for.

But what was REALLY  good yesterday was Mr Furlong’s wonderful gluten-free cauliflower cheese supper which was sizzling hot with a crispy cheesy crust and deliciously scrumptious for people who were trying to be grateful without the Internet! (recipe on request)

Author: Elizabeth

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2 thoughts on “Resuscitation by Cauliflower Cheese

  1. I can think of few foods I personally find viler than Cauliflower Cheese, with or without gluten. Although there were almost as many tears and slappings at the childhood dinner table about Aged Mother’s ‘Winter Salad’ (raw shredded cabbage, raw shredded carrot and raisins) as about the dreaded CC. I shall refrain from saying where I thought those grateful ‘children in Africa’ could have put my unwanted portion of CC.

    Of such traumatic experiences are a lifetime’s food habits made, since reaching the age where I bought my own food at 17ish, I don’t think I have ever knowingly eaten CC or Women’s Realm Winter ‘Salad’ nor almost any other vegetable…even when I was a vegan (all the hot girls in the mileu were and I was young, that’s my excuse).

    Also it meant with my own children I enforced a strict rule that they were never forced to eat something they didn’t like the taste of and I kept all green vegetables as much off the menu as possible. If they wanted creamed broccoli (a German favourite) then they had to persuade their mother to cook it when I was at work (night shits). Just the stench of greens cooking makes me gag and I think the closes the Bestes Frau In The World ever got to a divorce in our early years together was the day she thought she could cook some green kack with the spuds…not realising that the malevolence of cabbage is all invasive and makes anything it comes in contact with inedible. One of the few times i have left the table and gone down the chippy for something decent to eat.

    However I am glad for you that you could find solace in a food…even CC . My comfort food tends to come wrapped in a rizla or a paper bag with a big golden ‘M’ on it.

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