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We all know Jack Schitt

The news is going from bad to worse. Boris is misbehaving. He’s CLOSING pubs!!!! Trump is misbehaving. He got BETTER!!. Biden is misbehaving. He LIES! Masks are useless they say, or not, we don’t know. Students, robbed of their right to happiness are revolting. They are getting drunk and dancing in the street rebelliously. Some say they DESERVE to be joyful, they are young after all. Others say they are selfish. The Government is useless, evidently. The council is useless too. The NHS is useless, where once it was the jewel in our crown. People are going insane, or committing suicide. Everyone has lost control because there is too much control. The scientist know all, or they know Jack Schitt, depending on your view.


The Coronavirus is a hoax. The world is being taken over by Bill Gates who is going to microchip us all and make us his slaves. Or perform a massive cull. 5G is addling our brains. We have become sheep in the face of a massive worldwide attempt to assert control on the people, to remove our freedoms, to enslave us. David Icke and his band of merry protestors know the truth. They are protesting maskless and hugging one and all.

It doesn’t matter what you actually believe, this Covid thing is exposing a nasty flaw in the character of humans.

The flaw is that, in truth, we all know Jack Schitt and recognise his whole family in ourselves, but we won’t admit it!


Extinction and other rebellions

Oh, what strange goings on are happening in society. Rebellion is everywhere.

In the UK here we have Extinction Rebellion. They are the crowd with the dreadful Thurnberg marching ahead, carrying her banner of green insanity, groomed by Communists in a revolution of children and young people without wisdom.

We have the Remainer Rebellion which is by hook or by crook, fair or foul, stopping legitimate politics in our once democratic country.

We have a new political party formed, The Brexit Party, rebelling, not only against the Remainer Rebellion, but constructing a whole new way of running political parties.

Here in my country, polls tell us, people are now sick of LBTQ (insert alphabet here) pushing their causes and are rebelling against the political correctness of it. Some of our schools are rebelling against the inclusivity teachings in schools. Schools have had to be closed.

There are rumours of huge disgruntlement in the population about cutbacks to services and the invisibility of our police force, the ineptitude of The National Health Service and Social Services. They are on the point of rebelling.

If you read the papers, or follow the news, we have doomsday arriving on all fronts.

Oh and then there’s Trump and Bo Jo (Boris Johnson). They are going to bring on the apocalypse.

Of all the current rebellions, the foment of Extinction Rebellion is the most terrifying. Imagine a zero carbon emissions world! That would be the downfall of the Western world, a political agenda desired by every totalitarian leader in History.

Extinction Rebellion make all the other rebellions, even those of the distant Historical past, seem quite, quite sane!

Link to my today’s post on Life on an Alien Planet


The shithole countries or shithole people Mr Trump?


Oh oh – Trump’s in trouble again for saying something we all know.

Some countries in the world are shithole countries. Continue reading


Cowardly perpetrators

I am absolutely sick of the phrase ‘cowardly perpetrators’. Continue reading


Katie Hopkins latest speech…..

The insufferable woman speaking out about very uncomfortable things that are not verbalised in the UK. How absolutely refreshing! Whatever you feel about Katie Hopkins, you have to admire her courage. Continue reading



I see a change in our politics. We are sliding into a totalitarian society controlled by state legislation over our tiniest actions. Continue reading

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Guilty – the first death

There is something absolutely obscene about the ‘sexual assault’ ALLEGATIONS made by malicious women against men in this country at the moment. Sickening actually.  Continue reading

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Sexual harrassment

It’s not just in Westminster – the sexual harassment, I mean.

The headlines in a local Cumbrian paper yesterday –  Continue reading

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I forgot to mention Poppies

I should have added

  • Poppies

To my list.

I forgot. Continue reading


Old as the hills – the casting couch

I see tons of articles about Harvey Weinstein. (this list is worth scrolling through and feeling shocked at his massive manipulative power.)

Every man who knew and who now expresses shock is actually complicit. Shame on you all. Continue reading