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Smoking science

I was astonished to find on Mr Furlong’s new annual “birthday” medical review that he was labelled as an “ex-smoker” and that put him in a high risk category. Mr Furlong gave up smoking over thirty yeas ago! When he dies, he will be classified as a “smoker”. Continue reading

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Walking the dog

Walking the dog has been a real pest just lately. The weather has been evil. Continue reading

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Politics – rare good news

Here is a wonderful government announcement recently aboutĀ  all the fake charitiesĀ  in the UK that use OUR tax money to lobby the government for legislation AGAINST US. I will not give money to any of the charities that squander it on lobbying in parliament. It’s a totally corrupt arrangement! Continue reading

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The cheese stands alone

Mr Furlong starts singing with our granddaughter. The Farmer in the dell. She loves it and when he gets to “takes a” he stops singing and she tells us what gets taken. Continue reading

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Holy crap

This might just disappear – so I thought I’d capture it here. (summary in my post if the link gets disabled) – interesting I thought. Politics at work!

Bodmin woman who spotted planes while taking driving lesson contradicts official position that Russians did not enter UK airspace Continue reading

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Legal? or public opinion?

I heard a politician on the TV say approvingly “Its no longer whether its legal but whether it’s against public opinion.” Continue reading


Getting through to the bank

I had to phone the bank. It took me over half an hour to get a human being on the other end of the phone. Here’s the trick. Continue reading

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Mars One – ha ha – bonk!

Do you know the sound of a man laughing his head off? It’s “ha ha – BONK!”

A few years ago, I ran a workshop on what life was like at micro gravity. Our bodies do not work properly in such an environment. Over time, we fall apart! Continue reading

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Greed – how the UK benefits from smokers

There is a move to tax vaping and vaping products. If you follow the Furlong blog, you will know that I am a smoker that only vapes. My last actual cigarette was smoked in 2011. Continue reading

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Daily, I do a little ceremony in my meditation room. Continue reading