The Last Furlong

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This land is mine – a serious meditation for today

I hope you enjoy this mediation as much as I did.

Very clever indeed – and true! Continue reading


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The ‘age of humans’ Meditation for today

Well, didn’t you think ‘the age of humans’ started when we first stood upright? Or developed imagination? Or schemed, plotted and planned?

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Confirmed – speeches at weddings are bad for blood glucose levels – Bishop Curry to blame.

The Furlongs had a bash.

For the Royal Wedding.

We watched it on TV. Continue reading


Do you know the answer? It’s not anywhere I can find…

If you bomb a chemical weapon facility as England France and the USA have just done, what happens to the chemicals in the weapons?

Do they simply evaporate safely, blown to dust, never to be seen again?


Do they rise into the air and settle back down as a toxic compound in a vast radius around the bombing?

What happens to the chemicals in the weapons, once the weapons and chemical producing facility has been blown up? Answers welcomed!



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War Drums – meditation

I hear the drums of war in the announcements of Governments.  And in the Press. Continue reading

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Absorbing Culture

This Furlong was a History major. I was horrified a few years ago when I was at the hairdresser. I made a joke about Marie Antoinette going grey overnight. My hairdresser, fresh out of education, said “Who is Marie Antoinette?” Continue reading


Chicken Likken – cluck cluck cluck

In the olden days, clucking took much longer to spread around the world. But, with modern technology – it’s pretty speedy. We see it here in the UK. A person says some inconsequential thing, and in a flash, it is transformed into a career crashing faux pas. Or they produce an idea – that becomes a buzzword…. Continue reading