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The health MOT

My annual health MOT has been done. The last one was eighteen months ago. Here, in the North West of the UK, our doctors seem to be shunnelling patients through as pretty much usual now, despite the inconvenience of masks and single patients per buulding as we move along in the new Covid19 age.

Lots of face to face talking is done on the phone, or skype or zoom. Everyone I know waiting for cancer ops has been done. And should you suspect something nasty is taking hold, you can have real blood tests and a real live doctor look at you. And go to a real, live hospital.

Recently Mr Furlong had a heart scare. Mr Furlong has a ‘heart’ condition. He got to see a doctor chop chop. No complaints about the National Health Service here.

So, despite being late on my health MOT, I’ve had it. For that, I had to actually be seen by the Nurse Practitioner. My admiration for her is immense. She wears that mask all day and used her eyes to communicate. Big eyes for listening, squeezy eyes smiling, frowny eyes in agreement. Rolly eyes for sympathy.

I’m glad I saw her. She takes blood with the least pain. I got measured, weighed, and tested.

A week later she phoned to discuss my results. I saw my results beforehand on Patient Access. Patient Access is a neat app that allows you to research your own medical history.

During lockdown I ate. And ate. I convinced myself that if I had only been prediabetic beforehand, I was now actually diabetic. I convinced the Nurse Practitioner too.

Well, I think the Nurse Practitioner was just as surprised as me to find that EVERYTHING about me is EXACTLY the same as my last MOT, eighteen months ago.


No! Thats not true. My cholesterol has gone down.

The birthday approaches. I dislike birthdays. No wonder everyone wishes you a ‘happy’ one. Why else would they unless there was something nasty about birthdays?

But being the same in every way as I was one and a half years ago, seems a good result to me. It’s the sort of birthday present I like.



Oh the sunshine!

Busy, busy basking.



Excursions on the bus.

Home along the river.

Swans and ducks, and even birds in our garden.

Walks through the wood and working in the garden with new dog Bass sunning himself on the garden table. He loves the sun. And his coat gleams.

We’ve all been basking in the sunshine.

But tomorrow the rain is coming back.

I believe.


Do you have a Smart Meter? Well don’t.

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What do you get from your hols?

These old Furlongs were mighty gratified when we returned home from our hols. We got grateful! Continue reading

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Precious poo

Have you ever thought of World Leaders or Heads of States’ poo? Continue reading

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Take comfort for your health

You probably know that some hikers in the Alps in the 1990’s  found the frozen body of an ancient corpse – from thousands of years ago.  He’d been murdered. He’s called Otzi. Details about Otzi here 

You probably know that the Furlongs have followed the Paleo diet, and the Plant based diet to improve their health. Mr Furlong has a heart condition.  Continue reading


In praise of fur

This morning I saw my face. I took the trouble to polish the mirror I use to put my makeup on. Continue reading


Confirmed – speeches at weddings are bad for blood glucose levels – Bishop Curry to blame.

The Furlongs had a bash.

For the Royal Wedding.

We watched it on TV. Continue reading

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Vaping Science

I have been vaping since 2011.

Before that I smoked for fifty years. Continue reading


Do you know the answer? It’s not anywhere I can find…

If you bomb a chemical weapon facility as England France and the USA have just done, what happens to the chemicals in the weapons?

Do they simply evaporate safely, blown to dust, never to be seen again?


Do they rise into the air and settle back down as a toxic compound in a vast radius around the bombing?

What happens to the chemicals in the weapons, once the weapons and chemical producing facility has been blown up? Answers welcomed!