The Last Furlong

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Equal Rights for LGBTQ? Ha bloody ha!

NHS doctor rebellion over patient sexual orientation Q&A

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Neck resolution – is it possible?

After I got stuck in my clothes yesterday, I could hardly move my head without pain.  Continue reading

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Oh ffs – now my neck!

A stupid thing happened to me today.

I should have listened to Mr Furlong. Continue reading

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Food, food, glorious food

Us old Furlongs fell off our food perch.

Most of us Furlongs are on one kind of food perch or other. To fix something -or-other from allergies to weight, to diabetes. Continue reading


Fish on Friday

I have no idea why, in our two childhood homes, in Africa, The Furlongs always ate fish on Fridays.

It seems to be a bit of a British tradition which our families continued practising, even though we weren’t Catholics. Continue reading


When she’s seventy two…

At the hydrotherapy pool, there are always sports people who are bionic people really – modified – titanium through and through – who messed themselves up with exercise. Some of them have or have had terrible sciatica. They tell me so. Continue reading

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I’m in administration

The solicitors Grumpy and Cross Ltd. have moved in.

They have taken over the Sciatica situation. Continue reading