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It’s a puzzlement – blood sugar

Mr Furlong is diabetic. He controls his blood sugar with a minuscule amount of insulin and diet. He tried “The Starch Solution” which is contrary to any advice by any mainstream dietary guidance. He eats carbohydrates!

He eats potatoes, pasta, vegetables, pitta breads and oats, rice and home cooked foods. He does not eat commercial stuff. His blood sugars are brilliant and over the last eighteen months he has lost eighteen kilos.

I used to be a peripheral diabetic that orbited in and out of diabetes. I found “The Starch Solution” and used it for a year. It is “no fats” food and my hair and nails got brittle because of a lack of B12. So I dumped it. But on it, my blood sugar was good.

In January, I was OK. Since then, I’ve gone to pot! I’ve been on Paleo and Keto since then, both of which I’ve tried before. If I don’t get on top of this blood sugar thing, I’m going to be classified a real diabetic.

For three days, I’ve dropped protein/meat/eggs/fish etc. I’ve upped the carbs. Hey presto! My sugar has dropped to January levels.

I might join Mr Furlong and munch potatoes and pasta. But this time I’m adding olive oils and coconut oil, as he does, and take some B12.

Blood sugars? They’re a puzzlement.


Once upon a time

Once upon a time I used to write a post every day on this blog.

Once upon a time.

There is an old lady who may,

Walk a mile and a half every day.

With her dog she completes

Such amazing feats,

Yet she can’t write a post every day.

It’s blackberry season. I’m loving all the free fruit. Wild blackberries are so much more delicious than the large frozen kind you buy in a bag in a supermarket don’t you think?

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Carried away by goblins

Mr Furlong and I have long played massive online computer games. We play together. It’s always been fun.

But recently, I dumped playing the one we’ve been playing for several years, and returned to a very old game we used to play at least twelve years ago. It’s been very interesting.

Now Mr Furlong has joined me.

In a hall where we were busy fighting fierce guards, another player wanted to trade goods with me for nothing. So I accepted. He gave me a massive amount of gold, armour and a beautiful scimiter. I was well pleased and thanked him.

What are the chances of such a thing happening to two random players who just, unknown to anyone else, are husband and wife?

Yesterday, a player wanted to trade with Mr Furlong. He was given a huge amount of gold, and gold trimmed armour, weapons and other items. Of course he got thanks.

Those players that gifted us, logged out and have not been back to the game.

These massive online games are very addictive. I reckon their wives/husbands gave them an ultimatum.

“If you don’t stop playing that bloody game, I’m divorcing you!”

So they dumped their stuff and left.

How lucky were we!


Wow, I saw an endangered species..

While on my walk yesterday along the canal path, I came apon an endangered species.

Or rather, they came apon me.

I’ve seen one or two of these creatures before, but never out on the streets. Or rather, in this case, the canal path.

I got a bit jumpy. For several days now, I’ve been picking blackberries. I hate to see good food go to waste. A doggie bag is an excellent blackberry picking receptical. So I was pretty packed with berries.

Anyway, I saw these creatures bearing down on me, and I hoped that the new stop and search regulations hadn’t arrived in our town yet. I don’t know if here, in the UK, you are allowed to help yourself to blackberries. Here, there are VERY strange laws, like picking wild flowers is illegal.

However, these two policewomen, all smart and official in their snappy uniforms and hats, and reflective yellow jackets, passed me calling out ” Good morning, everything all right here?”

Can you believe that?

I almost collapsed into the blackberries in my shock, and utter amazement.

These creatures actually exist, it’s only that we never see them here.


Skinny Marinky I LOVE you, no time!

We recently had a sleepover for three girl grandchildren.

It was busy. Busy, busy, busy.

There seemed to be no time to play with my shell collection. Nor my rocks and stone collection. Or look at things through my special geological microscope. Or colour in, or draw. Or just sit and talk. Or listen to stories about past times, memories or family history.

Our grandchildren are nurtured by the TV and computer games. Busy, busy, busy.


You’ve got to be joking…

This is a feelgood song – especially for YOU.



Tonight is the night. The three grandchildren girls are staying over whilst their Moms and Dads have a rest.

We have them to stay now and again, and Grandpa cooks sausages by the dozen…..our grandchildren have huge apetites.

It’s going to be hectic, but not as hectic as the Furlong household used to be with five children, two adults, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ducks, hamsters, three white rats and one parrot.

Us old Furlongs were pretty tough. We survived without much money, on a smallholding partially covered with wonderful virgin African bush.

So our troubles were snakes like mambas, pythons and adders , aboreal hyraxes that used to fall out of the trees, bushbabies that wailed in the night, hawks, and worse, eagles which took our chickens and once, our Jack Russell that it dropped. The vet stitched it up and said it was like mending a patchwork quilt.

Mongees killed our ducks in a killing frenzy by biting them once under the wing and then leaving them.

The vervet monkeys dropped paw paws and corn into our pool where they fouled the water, and ate the buds off our roses in the rose field.

There was always something happening.

Not always nice.

Yet our children seem to think they were so privileged to have such a hectic childhood and remember it as special.

If we coped with all that in the past, one night with three little girls watching “Fireman Sam” and “Paw Patrol”, in a safe ground floor British flat with enclosed gardens in which there are no adders, scorpions, and not even a squirrel, should be all right, then.