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Uncle Bobby’s IQ versus Jack Russell’s

We have had New Dog for a week now.  Continue reading

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Some people don’t get much attention

What do you do when you feel you’ve not been appreciated? Well, you break free! Continue reading



These old Furlongs are quite knackered! We found a flaw in the new dog’s behaviour. Continue reading


New dog – action photo

Our new dog action photo? Continue reading


A quick wash

After the 2009 month long snow freeze that trapped a lot of rural people in their houses for a month, I visited a friend who lived in an isolated house near our village. Farmers had brought her supplies. I asked what she had done for water (everything was frozen), how had she washed herself? I thought she said “I had Catholics”. So for years I talked about having a quick wash as “having a Catholic” whilst imagining a monk having a quick wash-up in his cold and gloomy cell. Seemed a good discription to me for washing with a flannel in a basin.

But no. She actually said “Cat Lick”. She had Cat Licks. Well, that’s OK by me. That’s pretty descriptive too.

But the one I really like, which I heard yesterday, was from my sister-in-law who had a dreadful fall in Africa. She broke a hip, which is now pinned, but she is in terrible pain. The African nurse comes in every morning since the pinning and says “Right. Now I’m going to give you a bird bath”.

That entices the mind to imagine the abandoned splashing of a joyful bird, cooling itself in dappled sunshine.

It’s the best audio error for a quick hospital bed wash I’ve heard so far.


They know…about the dog

We passed all the adoption tests for the little dog we liked.  We are getting him next week. Continue reading

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Qi gong

These old Furlongs go to Tai Chi on a Tuesday evening. It’s called Tai Chi, but we do about forty five minutes of Qi Gong to begin with. I like the Qi Gong much better than the Tai Chi we end with. Continue reading

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Mr Furlong and I  have found a little dog we like. What a performance! Continue reading


Blogging – less is more

I’ve just been reading a site about a blogging routine.

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Like octopuses/octopi?

I like octopuses. They are very clever – and they taste good too!!! Continue reading