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You make me feel so young


Oh, last night, we watched BBC 4  – The Chuck Berry concert of 1972.

I’ve always loved his music. You don’t get music like it anymore.



It makes you feel SO young!

1. Roll Over Beethoven (00:00 – 3:48) 2. Sweet Little Sixteen (4:09 – 6:30) 3. Memphis Tennessee (7:09 – 11:32) 4. South Of The Border (12:42 – 14:29) 5. Beer Drinking Woman (14:45 – 19:13) 6. Let It Rock (19:14 – 23:45) 7. The Blues (24:50 – 31:53) 8. Carol (32:22 – 35:53) 9. Rock And Roll Music (36:26 – 38:07) 10. Nadine (38:15 – 39:49) 11. Ding-a-ling (44:26 – 50:32) 12. Something (50:52 – 53:40) 13. Johnny B Goode (50:40 – 58:40)


Author: Elizabeth

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4 thoughts on “You make me feel so young

  1. Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Elvis,S&G, 60s Brit (Kinks et al) etc were the background music to my childhood, Dear Ol’Dad Dwarf having assembled quite an impressive collection of tapes. So I certainly appreciate Chuck Berry. And hearing any of the those artists mentioned above can transport me back to my childhood.
    However I have to say I now try to avoid watching Youtube videos of the my “own” musical heroes, the videos of the Punk and Gothic bands of the early 80s. I’ll happily have them playing on the laptop while i work, indeed most evenings I will load the dishwasher to the strains of “Doctor Jeep” -the extended long play version and sing along to ‘ BAP’ or ‘Nena’ (two German groups/singers). But whilst I work or amy doing something that doesn’t actually require me watching the video….

    …because they look so BLOODY YOUNG , it make me feel old, makes me mourn for a time I had hair down to my arse, a time when I could drink Merrydown all night and still go to college or work in the morning, when I could dance the Cosmic Tree and all the ‘black crows’ -the ‘goth girls’ would admire my ‘body of a greek god’. Ahhhh to be that young and carefree. Youth is truly wasted on the youth.

    Dear god, was I young!

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    • Well, once you start the video, you don’t have to watch it! Just listen. Now about Dr Jeep – this is the beginning of the loss of melody age that still rules pop today – two notes in Sisters of Mercy – two notes – no, maybe three. The same three used nowadays! And cacophany in the background. And talk about DEPRESSING. You HAVE to drug-up or booze just to feel normal. So, can we agree to differ? Thanks for actually reading my posts!


      • “two notes in Sisters of Mercy – two notes – no, maybe three”

        aaah but they were the complete masters of the only 3 notes they ever bothered to learn! No, seriously-and this may surprise you- I agree entirely with you as to the ‘loss of melody age’. Indeed my opinions on ‘modern’ music, by and large, are too extreme to be expressed on any blog (and you know I have no problem with using adult language , suffice to say I usually talk of ‘cRAP’).

        It was, the music of my ‘age’, never about the melody or the skill of the player…Sisters Of Mercy even used a drum machine! Of course there were notable exceptions but by and large, and particularly in regard to ‘gothic’ music, it was all about the poetry of the lyrics and the politics of them. Yes ‘depressing’ and yes being ‘off your head’ helped. The singers were (if the lead singer of the Sisters can even remember the 80s I would be surprised).

        The songs of Chuck Berry’s era (infact one might claim he started the era-at least in regard to ‘rock n roll’) were about the dreams, desires and aspirations of 16 year olds from Bumfluff Ohio. About finding out what was under those Chantilly lace petticoats, about a party ending in a fight, about finding a summer time job, about being old enough to drink or not, about the back row of the balcony. They were rarely in any way ‘political’ (otherwise they would have been as depressing as anything the Sisters wrote, as the songs of the late 60s often were) . How many songs of the era refer to contraceptives,teenage pregnancies, drive by shootings, drugs, …even in the ‘coded’ manner of the later ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ ? There will have been some but not many. Compare and contrast the the songs of the 50s to the lyrics of ‘Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction and his immortal line ‘take a trip behind my zip’.
        Even nowadays I still regularly ‘discover’ meanings in 80s punk and gothic songs that had escaped me at the time and often result in googling. I still marvel at the wordsmithing of the lyrics. Along with quite a few lyrics i misheard at the time. One just last week as it happens; what I had always heard as ‘past the crystal strength of terror’ was infact ‘pass the crystal, spread the tarot’…which is what happens I suppose when the singer slurs due to being was off his box .

        I read your posts because, simply , I enjoy them. It is I who should thank you. I’d be worried if I agreed too often with you- I never did with AR or any of the other blogs I follow. Indeed just this week I posted on Grandad’s blog something he felt compelled to ‘answer’ in the form of a ‘double’ post giving the opposite view.

        And, as said, I agree with you entirely on the loss of melody.

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