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One of the Furlong daughters is into kites.

Kites are nothing like the tatty kind with paper tails and sticky tape that we flew as poor people when I was a kid. Kites, nowadays are technologically marvellous – and expensive!

So I sent the into-kites-daughter a link to this video that I thought was a stunning show.

She hasn’t even watched it.

Today, she shrugged, and said “Yes, Ma, I’ll get round to watching it sometime, but I doubt it’s any more stunning that what WE do! And I’ll have to find your link again on my email!” or something similar.

So this post is for HER! Watch please!

I think this is amazing – but then, what do I know?

Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

One thought on “Kites

  1. “paper tails and sticky tape that we flew as poor people when I was a kid. Kites, nowadays are technologically marvellous – and expensive!”

    I know nothing about kites but I hear what you say about the expense of children toys (although modern kites apparently could in no way be described as ‘toys’ nor are your daughters ‘children’ I assume, but my age).

    Yesterday I visited the local car boot to find a doll’s pushchair/buggy thing for Granddaughter2’s ‘BayBBEEEEe’ -she’s not yet two and the mothering instinct is STRONG in her….except she tries to get her baby to go ‘nite-nites’ by dashing it’s brains out on the floor.

    Anyways wandering the Car Boot I was struck yet again, and for nowhere near the first time, by the amount of top quality children’s toys on offer. You won’t see a ‘good as new’ condition ELC wooden toy, which will last for generations, at any price more than a 20th of what it cost in the Early Learning Centre or from whichever ebayer has cornered the Galt market.

    I know new young moms especially like brand new toys for their precious bundles but , sorry Mums, you’d have to be retarded not to.
    Not that I’d ever say something like that to young-mom-Daughter-in-law2, I was brought up proper like *sniff*.

    And returning to your home made point- one of the toys Granddaughter2 plays with a lot is the ‘rain maker’ I fashioned one out of a 2litre plastic sparkling water bottle and a Tesco Everyday Value bag of split peas.

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