The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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Your morning coffee

Let me cheer myself up, with a delicious cup of coffee.

This is very clever and – artistic? Yes! Continue reading




This Furlong has noticed how we are speeding up – in what we see and hear on the Media, in new words, faster internet, apps, searches, deliveries and life in general.

She doesn’t like it. She’s just slowing down, and loving it. Continue reading


It’s official – it’s science – God does you good

I am so absolutely tired of scientist ‘trashing’ religion as Richard Dawkins has done so obsessively for an interminably long time (it seems).  Continue reading

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Toy story three

Oh. I’m exhausted with the stress of watching Buzz Lightyear, Woody and friends escape being crushed, run over, burned in a furnace and otherwise survive till the moment of death overcomes them. And then miraculously rescued. Continue reading

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A lesson for today

Here is the lesson for today!


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For parents and grandparents.

This is an Australian video – a spoof on the TV stories that used to be read to children on National Television – from the parent perspective. It is NOT for children, it’s about children.  Continue reading


Our hot, sunny bank holiday

Our hot, sunny bank holiday was cloudy, cold, windy and now it’s raining. Continue reading