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Whited stones

I remember when I first saw this in our Cemetery where we walk the Furlong dog. I thought someone had desecrated the graves by chucking white paint on them. I remember feeling very offended – until I investigated. Continue reading

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Lily stamens continued

When spraying Lily stamens with hairspray to stop the pollen spreading one must not forget to “seal” the new buds opening. I have been so delighted by watching my wonderful blooms opening new buds every day, I have got careless. I had an accident with my favourite powder blue jacket. Continue reading


Excruciating pain – tooth abscess

Mr Furlong is suffering. It’s not the first time.  Continue reading

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Oh no – not another bloody “series”

Somehow, a “series” on TV feels like some kind of intellectual scam – a ring implanted into our mental noses, to drag us along, along, along. I am sick of “series”. Sometimes the best episode is the first. Everything goes down-hill from there. Continue reading


This is a GOOD idea – lily stamens

Two days ago, I told you about my experiment with Lilies. I can now report the results so far. I have been testing whether hairspray applied to the anthers in Lily flowers, would seal them from spraying pollen – which stains and triggers allergies – and make them “safe”. Continue reading


Apologies to my followers

Since I started this blog, I’ve had a few followers – not many – but some.  I was unaware of the WordPress section that tells you who your followers are. I have not acknowledged you! Sorry. WordPress is thoroughly confusing to me.  Continue reading

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To snip or not to snip?

Last year, a friend gave us an Amaryllis in a pot. It grew enormous and produced the most magnificent flowers. But it caused trouble!  Continue reading

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This is not a forest fire

Mr Furlong took this photo this morning.  Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy

Monroe and Kennedy – wonderful photo! Continue reading


Orwell or Huxley

I have recently watched Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. They were equally depressing.  The hero loses the fight. But I found this which summarises the two visions of the future. Strangely, the new future might be a combination of the two. What do you think? Continue reading