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Another stick to beat smokers with


If smokers don’t feel guilty enough polluting the air in parks and streets, as they smoke outdoors where other people drop like flies from obnoxious diseases all around them because of it, here is a new thing in the offing to make them feel absolutely worse!

This is from Surfer Today…are you ready? (my bold at the end)

 European Union calls for smoking ban on beaches

European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis urged countries to make all public spaces smoke-free, including beaches, parks, sports facilities, but also cars with children.

Currently, only seven European countries have a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public places. They are Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

According to the European Commission, tobacco kills 700,000 deaths every year in the 28 member states that comprise the European Union.

The European Union has 142 million smokers, i.e., 28 percent of the population smoke. The official numbers also indicate that 29 percent of young Europeans aged 15-24 have daily smoking habits.

In the past decade, European countries adopted several tobacco control measures, including advertising restrictions, higher taxes on tobacco products, packaging, and labeling limitations, and anti-smoking campaigns.

The European Union notes that 94 percent of all smokers start smoking before they reach 25 years of age.

Cigarette butts are also becoming a major problem in the beaches of the Old Continent. The over 165 chemicals found in a cigarette have profound negative effects on the marine ecosystem, and the filters take many years to decompose because they’re made of a form of plastic.

There – don’t you feel dreadful now that your habit is killing all the itty bitty fishes too?

Maybe smokers are killing off all life on earth? I expect so.

If butts are such a problem, why don’t Tobacco Companies bring back unfiltered cigarettes?

Easy peasy really, yes?


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.

7 thoughts on “Another stick to beat smokers with

  1. And so it begins -before Donny Tusk has had chance to steam off the stamps on the envelope before putting it in the recycle bin.

    LF, I hope you don’t enjoy smoking or vaping in the park or on the beach.

    If a EU Kommissar is ‘urging’ then I don’t even need to google to know that our newly sovereign ASH and Tobacco Control industry will be DEMANDING Britain lead the way and our freed-from-oversight-unrestrained-and-desperate-to-keep-Big-Pharma-onboard-after-Brexit Government will be able to get it through parliament because there is no longer a working HoL and after Brexit the Supreme Court is going to find itself ‘revised’ down to little more than a rubber stamp for the HomeSec.

    => Smoking Licenses this way, please have your debit card details and DNA samples to hand.


    • No – it’s not going to be like that at all! Sorry to disappoint you. We now have a chance to push for a review of the smoking bans. The idea of Brexit was pie in the sky twenty years ago – even five years ago! 60% of people in Wales would favour the re-indroduction of smoking rooms in Pubs. (no links to hand – maybe on Forest blog?) Reviewing the smoking ban is key. I reckon there might be a way. I’m the optimist! There are many reasons a review of the smoking bans could be favoured by many different kinds of people. As I said – I will join any party that has such a thing in their manifesto – currently Ukip!


      • “60% of people in Wales would favour the re-indroduction of smoking rooms in Pubs”

        That would be the recent survey ASH commented/dismissed with “Public Health is not a matter for public opinion”, right?
        (one of those sentences that sounds even scarier in the original German btw).

        The very article you post says clearly that all the anti-smoker measures weren’t IMPOSED upon 28 enslaved nations by some dictatorial EUSSR but by their own sovereign national governments. Infact the one place we *might* have won a longish stay of execution from the ban on smoking in a private room with no non-smokers, children or pets present nor likely to be present (5th hand smoke is a killer dunn’t yer know?) within the entire building was before the Highest EU courts (the German supreme court ruled last year that there was an absolute right to smoke in your own flat).

        But lets agree to disagree as ever and wait til we see which ‘amendments’ May makes to the Great Act -the one that takes all EU legislation *into* UK law (oh so all that UKIPpery about ‘all our laws made in Brussels’ was infact so much dingos kidneys?). She has already said there will be a few changes…not quite everything will be transferred…. apparently even Dustybin of Labour woke up for long enough to cotton on to that particular ‘fast one’.

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        • I’m doubly peeved. I’m peeved about smoking. And peeved about vaping. In fact, you are right – not all countries have imposed the regulation “suggested” by the EU. But with vaping, some countries are going even further than the EU regulations have set. We are just good little “puppy-dog” Britain. We follow rules- usually. Brexit is refeshing – nice to see some guts about the place!


  2. “nice to see some guts about the place”

    Those guts about the place are what happens when a country commits hara-kiri en mass. Self disembowelling is not normally a healthy pastime.


  3. France started banning smoking on beaches a few years ago. La Ciotat was the first town, followed by others. Nice has some non-smoking beaches, too.

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