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Phew! I can breathe again – happy day!


What a pooofarb getting to this day.

What with one thing and another – I thought it would never come.

Hey – wake up everyone – TODAY is the day!

British Prime Minister Theresa May in the cabinet office signs the official letter to European Council President Donald Tusk invoking Article 50 and the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the EU on March 28, 2017 in London | Pool photo by Christopher Furlong/WPA via Getty

How Europe’s press reacted to Brexit Trigger Day

What Europe’s papers had to say about Britain triggering Article 50 divorce talks.

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s move on Wednesday to formally notify the EU of Britain’s intention to quit the bloc had U.K. red tops celebrating, the French press worrying of the “consequences of the break” and Germans warning the divorce “could be expensive for the British.”

In Britain, most papers used an image of May signing the Article 50 letter to the EU for their front pages. The Daily Express was joyous, proclaiming: “Dear EU, we’re leaving you,” while the Sun said “Dover and out” to the Continent. The Daily Mail chirped: “Freedom!”

Author: Elizabeth

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19 thoughts on “Phew! I can breathe again – happy day!

  1. Happy day? All that photo of May signing away what few protections from our elected politicians we all had (and they were precious few) in a grab for unrestrained un-oversighted power of the sort that would have given Cromwell feelings so sinful as to require hair shirts, cold baths in mountain streams and self flagellation, says to me is that I should redouble my efforts to ensure Granddaughter 2 not only gets her German passport soon but also that we, myself and The Bestes Frau In The World, work on her German language skills. Thankfully for once my kids listened to their dear ol’ Dad and have already gotten their German passports *before* the plebis-cide. Just wish I had taken German citizenship when I had the chance. More fool me.

    You’re a smoker, right? I look forward to your blog post in , oh say 36 months time (may well be sooner) about having your breath taken away again cos the shop demanded £45 a pouch of tobacco. I sure hope Tescos still do ‘Everyday Value’ dog food then cos, no matter how good your pension is after Brexit, the price of a packet of straights will mean that’s the sort of nutritional choice OAP smokers will have to make (no joke, i know personally of cases where that has happened already, ask any smuggler.

    Blair took away my British citizenship and cured me of any patriotism, May has (or will) remove my EU citizenship. I’m no longer a Brit, nor a German, nor an EU Citizen, nor a labourite (and I never was), nor a Tory (back when tories were tories), nor a Xian. I AM A SMOKER. That’s my political affiliation, my creed, my confession, my nationality.

    The Plebis-cidal will all get their comeuppance, Brexiteur or Remainer. May will see to that.


    • Oh, you must be drepressing to live with! I am a smoker that vapes. Against the EU, we are powerless, but against OUR government, we are not so powerless. You are an extemely lucky person! Be GRATEFUL for god’s sake. We Furlongs are exiles – REAL exiles. We are British citizens that came home – but some of our family, due to unfortunate political circumstances, are stuck in a separation from US – FOR EVER! Theresa May is OK – she’s better than all recent PMs. You have to be an old person to have sufficient knowledge about how things might have potential, that’s what makes the young remoaners, so silly! They have been brainwashed, knowing nothing else. They “know” from ignorance. The best thing we can all do is be positive. I will join your smoker’s rights movement when you start it.


      • ” You have to be an old person to have sufficient knowledge about how things might have potential”

        I would counter that the ability to read and understand a history book is fairly age unrelated. But as I am so not a ‘remainer’ I suppose your point my be valid, to be honest I found most of the remain arguments as idiotic as those for Brexit and about as dishonest. Both entirely missing the point. Even after recent events with the HoL and the Supreme Court there are people, apparently, who think that the HoC, en mass, woke up on the morning after the plebis-cide and thought ‘oh we’d better bow to the Will Of The People/Daily Mail’.

        If May is any kind of Tory I dare say she’ll make Brexit work (Thatcher would have, and even Major) , it’ll be more painful than a lot of the Brexiteurs think and probably not quite the Zombie Apocalypse prophesied by the Remainers. That isn’t the reason for my “negativity”. My ‘problem’ is the loss of any kind of effective check or balance on the HoC and on the PM’s powers of Royal Prerogative. Does anyone really think the unelected HoL will survive 5 minutes after May signs the final BREXIT agreement?


  2. I view this signing in much the same way I view Trump’s victory: In both cases smokers seemed to disproportionately support the anti-establishment view, likely because of how they’ve been victimized with criminal taxation and punishment-restrictions and bans; and in both cases we’ve seen that fears of our “democracies” actually being controlled by a giant conspiracy that would never allow such things may, in fact, be overblown.

    “The Man” clearly did not want Brexit and did not want Trump. In both cases, “the people” revolted and managed to grab surprise victories. I’d fully expected that, regardless of the Brexit vote we’d see the British “powers-that-be” find a loophole to stop it from finalizing… but with this signing it seems that eventuality is a lot less likely.

    Regardless of whether you like or hate Trump and Brexit, I think you’d have to admit… they’re both “Victories For Democracy” that were sorely needed to restore our faith in that institution.

    – MJM,

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    • “they’re both “Victories For Democracy”

      Trump maybe but Brexit has been built on the plebis-cidal Will Of The People and nothing, but nothing, good ever comes from that. Referendum are to democracy what porn is to love.


    • I think protests will be able to work better against our OWN parliament. They are useless against the EU – yes?

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      • “I think protests will be able to work better against our OWN parliament. ”

        Remind me again how many people marched on Parliament for the Countryside Alliance and against a Fox hunting ban? And what impression did it make on our democratically elected PM of a our sovereign, independent, parliament? “At least they’re not out hunting foxes’ or something dismissive. Or how the fox hunting ban only got made into law because T.Blair enacted the Parliament Act (which by the way is how the HoC stole ‘sovereignty’ of these septic isles over a century ago AND NEVER GAVE UP ).

        And no I’m not a fox hunting supporter, my personal feeling was and is, that it’s time had probably come and had it passed through our democratically elected sovereign parliament in the ‘normal’ way I’d be happy enough for it to remain on the statute books.


  3. Happy Brexit Day to thelastfurlong! I watched all of PMQs. Things are truly in motion now.

    To TheBlockedDwarf: I unspammed your messages a few days ago.

    Hello to Michael and thanks for the great comment on Trump/Brexit.

    Here we are: one vaper and three smokers. What a great community and a lively discussion!

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  4. LF, it might interest you to learn that ,as far as I could tell from the ‘the between the lines’ text of tonight’s German TV News is that, seemingly most of Europe is relieved that May finally ‘put up’ and signed the Article 50 *application* (yes that was the word used) because if there is one thing all 27 can agree on is: “If it had be done..”

    Also, as I have been saying since way before the referendum, the EU has never placed any real value on Britain saying ‘in’. “Good riddance to bad rubbish” sums it up nicely.

    Be interesting, well mildly interesting, how May is going to to get out of paying the 60 billion euros to the EU. I think we may well be able to deduce much about her and her attitudes towards the EU from that.


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