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Oh dear


Whatever day I wrote “Slough of despair” on, when the vet proclaimed Bass, the dog ILL, our lives have turned upside down.

The dog was not just sick, but life threateningly sick. The vet discovered a massive bleed from the huge tumour on his spleen. We had a choice, of removing the spleen and tumour, and if we were lucky, the tumour would test benign. Dogs can live without a spleen if the tumour tests benign. But the kind of cancer that likes spleens, is usually frightfully aggressive and life expectancy after removal, is three to six months.

The vet offered to put him to sleep either immediately or if the tests were cancerous.

We have decided to gamble. Maybe we’ll get lucky. The tumour has been sent for testing. We’ll know in a few days.

So far, Bass has been a model patient since he came out of hospital.

He may not bark, walk, jump, go up or down stairs, get excited, be stressed, and a hundred other things I have forgotten for two weeks.

So far, he has been VERY good boy!

His owners on the other hand are pretty distraught.

Author: Elizabeth

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7 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. I am so sorry for you, although I don’t suppose that the dog even knows what is going on.

    I have never baulked at having a suspiciously seriously ill dog put down, probably because I can’t afford the Vet’s Fees or would even want to put the dog through such a thing. Believe it or not, there is always another dog that will need you just as much. Or is Bass to be the last?

    Your Vet sounds like a good one and there aren’t many of those around anymore; Most of them would rather rob you with false hope.

    Had you thought of getting a Cat? Cats are really okay as second best.

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  2. Thinking of you all. Best wishes and positive vibes being sent. ❤️❤️❤️XXX

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  3. Dear Elizabeth, how are things going? Thinking of you …

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    • Oh Claudio we are a mess This is a message to people not in the current has news about David and me – and our dog Bass. We are in a mess. David is ill with Pulmoney Fribrosis – bad breathing difficulties. I have cancer in various places and am on palliative care. And the dog has terminal cancer! Can you believe it? all in the blinking of the Universal eye! I am not frightened for I know consciousness continous on death. I am relieved to know how my death will be.The world appears to be so insane, this is a good time to jump off. Please dont be sad. I am on palliative care and David is is now in hospital for a week with Covid. My girls are nursing me atm but I’m hoping to give everyone a rest by going into Hospice. I hope everyone reads this because I’m too tired to write a post!!!!


  4. Dear God, what can I say? Feeling sorry for you won’t help and I don’t think that this is what you want anyway.
    But I won’t half miss your Blog if you stop now, so can you carry on for a bit? There you go, me me me. It’s all about me already. My favourite Blogs, of which yours is one have kept me going this last three years.

    Bon Chance Mon Ami.

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