The Last Furlong

Comments on the race of life.

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The last day pigging

Today is the last day of my birthday binge. The Furlongs are going into a food restriction era – till the next party I suppose. Continue reading


Phoning Pensions

I just had to phone the Pensions people. The UK government actually. Continue reading

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New industries

In the Furlong life time, we have observed the growth of new industries.

An industry is technically “economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.” Continue reading


Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday – today.


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Fat fat fat – FAT exposed

More and more people are eating fat. Our eyes have been opened to the stupidity of Public Health recommendations on food. High fat, low carb eating is turning people’s lives around – word is spreading…here is confirmation. Continue reading


Piggies, smoking and bacteria

A while back, my sister took me out for lunch. But we were too late getting to the place we wanted and we thought to stop at a sweet looking country pub. It was the first time I’d been to a pub since the smoking ban – truly – no smoking, no pubs for me. Continue reading

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Absolutely EUsless

Mr Furlong and I have been watching the refugee crises enfolding on TV. So far, there has been no word, no action, no assistance, no intelligence from those who rule our lives – the EU.   Continue reading


Bead habitat

I thought the concept, the art in this and the blog post really uplifting today – so I’m sharing!


I’ve been a little bit distracted the past couple of weeks by a new tangent. I’m fascinated by the discovery of gut flora and the concept that our bodies are more of an eco system than a single organism (since there are more microorganisms in a human body than human cells). Sometimes the wonky polymer clay beads I make have some personality, so I think of them as “creature beads”. I put the ideas together to make a bead habitat where my creature beads could live.

I suppose it can be described as an abstract 3D textile painting. I tried to make something lush and varied like a rich ecosystem (something like a garden or rock pool). I used scraps of fleece fabric that I had to hand, but I think it would have benefited from having another layer of more decorative fabric over the top. The fleece gives a…

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Montbretia – oh noooo…

The Furlong garden is a picture of  colour – oranges and pink. Orange roses and orange Montbretia. I love Montbretia. It’s easy to grow, easy to thin, easy to pull out, easy to pick, and lovely dried in Pot Pourri. And wonderful now in vases of pink mallow, orange Montbretia and roses in our lounge. I have seen it along the roadside and down by the river. But – did you know this? Continue reading


Hunger between breakfast and lunch

Churchmouse Campanologist

If we have breakfast, we shouldn’t feel hungry until lunchtime, right?

Yet, millions of breakfast eaters feel hungry before lunch.

I remember this from the cereal repasts of my youth. My mother thought this was healthful and weight-stabilising. Dad and I had to join in the regimen of Special K with sliced banana and semi-skimmed milk. Errgh. By 10 a.m., I was hungry.

Is it any wonder that I came to share this journalist’s opinion of breakfast:

Breakfast is a nag. Breakfast saddles up against the loser wall with “flossing” and “401k” and “thank you notes.”

But I digress.

As I have now seen for myself, part of mid-morning hunger depends on what one eats in the morning.

Dr Mercola has a good page on breakfast, hunger and fat loss. Excerpts follow, emphases mine.

Why carbs increase hunger

Mercola explains:

Typically, you will find that eating a carbohydrate-rich

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