The Last Furlong

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The shithole countries or shithole people Mr Trump?

Oh oh – Trump’s in trouble again for saying something we all know.

Some countries in the world are shithole countries. Continue reading



Katie Hopkins latest speech…..

The insufferable woman speaking out about very uncomfortable things that are not verbalised in the UK. How absolutely refreshing! Whatever you feel about Katie Hopkins, you have to admire her courage. Continue reading

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Darkest Africa

Education, education, education. said Tony Blair. I myself have always thought education was the answer to ignorance and folly. Continue reading



I see a change in our politics. We are sliding into a totalitarian society controlled by state legislation over our tiniest actions. Continue reading

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The silly old goat, the greedy old croc and the basket of gold.

Oh  the heart bleeds for Africa!

With all the education of its leaders, it seems always to be a mess. Continue reading

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Exit silly old bugger, enter crafty old croc

Seems the old crocodile is at work!

The fired deputy president (nicknamed The Crocodile)  wants to be president. But he cannot be legitimate if he takes power by a Coup. Continue reading

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Silly old bugger

Goodness me!

There is no fool like an old fool. Continue reading